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Personally I feel that Maybank (Auto Financing) is totally not customers' oriented department.

My car was repossess due to 3 months installment loans outstanding, I have called up to them and offer to pay up all the arrears on the condition to waive the reposession fees amounted around $400. This issue was escalated to the manager level but the reply was they are unable to compy and DEMANDED the arrears payment together with all the repossession charges. I explained based on below few grounds as for them to waive the charges:

1) I have not received any calls from them or have any conversations with any officers to be made aware of the repossession action,
but the says the left a voicemail on my mobile (They presume I will DEFINATELY listen to my voicemail)
2) They claim to have sent me letter through registed mail, which I didn't received any (AGAIN PRESUME, I will received these letters)
3) Lastly I have explained this is only 3rd day of outstanding on my car loan 3rd installments, which in any case I might have sent a cheque and this might take a 1 or 2 days to clear.

From this action of Maybank, it shows they are totally not customers' oriented and they don't show any goodwill.


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    Just a tot Sep 20, 2013

    And you presume the bank knows what's on your mind when you default on your installments?
    The bank has attempted to send letters to you and through phone. Were there any efforts on your part to inform the bank on the reason why you delay the payment for not 1 or 2 months but 3 holy months before the repo takes place?

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  • No
    nomad68 Sep 29, 2013

    diorng78, you didnt pay for 3 months which you didnt realise it and you expect a bank to allow you carry driving the vehicle which they gave you a loan for? For your info, if the postman couldnt reach you with registered mails, a note will be left on your door. If again for some reasons you didnt see that note, who's at fault? The bank? A voicemail was left and surely you will be notified on it, if you dont check it out, who's at fault? The bank again? No doubt this is a complaints board but dont complain without realising the fault lies with you to start with. Come and complain only if any bank repossess your vehicle if you defaulted just 1 month payment.

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