Maybank Group / Malayan Bankingmaybank treatpoints revised without informing customer to the right channel

N Aug 14, 2018

I just received a letter from Maybank which my request has been denied. My request to
Maybank to re-adjust the Maybank treatpoints which they change without informing customer. They claimed that advertisement in the maybank2u website and also in the monthly statement. First, who will pay attention to maybank website? I do not download maybank statement and keep as record. I'm quite disappointing where there is no email alert or text message alert to inform customer on this changes. Maybank is right to change the treatpoints without any notice to customer but this isn't right in customer's point of view. Maybank just adjust the treatpoints without informing their customer in a proper channel. I guess i'm not only the victim for this changes. I have right to request the adjust of the points to be reimbursed back. I'm willing to use the points to purchase something before the changes have been done. But i did not get chance as maybank just change it without informing me! Here i would like to submit my complain and get more public attention to this. I know there are plenty public who affected with this and didnt know about this changes. We are near to vision 2020 and i'm quite surprise that Maybank did not even able to inform customer in a better way. There are plenty ways to inform customer as we know by opting for monthly statement, we all will be charged for the statement. Maybank2u interface is friendly and i can check the outstanding amount easily and i never doubt about maybank2u. I would like Maybank to improve their service in the future in order to alert customer on this changes. We spend and we earn the treatpoints. Imagine the treatpoints we collected just amended by Maybank without informing the customer via a right channel. What's the purpose we update our phone number for Maybank and maybank did not use this info to propagante the message properly? Please reimbursed the points i lost for this changes

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