Maxis Communicationspostpaid 98

J Oct 10, 2019

I'm using postpaid 98 plan. 20Gb weekday 10gb weekend. My plan renews every 7th of the month. As usual it renewed this month on 7th October. On the 7th October, my data was 20gb as of 1pm I was not feeling well so I took a long nap. When I woke up, I use facebook and Instagram as usual and it is not as fast as it should. I checked my app and it showed 0mb. How is that possible? It just renewed and I did not use much that day because I was not feeling well and now it is 0mb. I called maxis and they said network is down as of 7th october. I waited a day. Called customer service on the next day (Monday) . They said they have submitted my case and will get back to me in 3 days time. Today as of 10th october they called me back saying it is true that I used the data up. Well I said it is not true . How will I use up 20gb a day when I wasnt even using much that day because I was not feeling well. They finally asked me to refer to any nearest maxis centre. I went to klcc maxis centre and they said they cant do anything further about this and suggested me to call back hotlink 123. It's been 4 days without any data. I'm paying my bills right on time everytime and this is the service I get. Very disappointed with maxis. I thought your packages are expensive because your network is good . But now you're just so ignorant on your own network poor quality and blaming me instead for the disappearance of my 20gb.

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