Match.comidentity thief using

C Nov 18, 2017

Match will not remove a convicted felon named mary louise crespo youngstown oh username happygirl2018 from their site even though many men have called, emailed & reported on site that this woman is a conartist who steals men's identies and uses fake profiles on many sites including pof, tinder & eharmony! Match lets a known criminal use the site for illegal activities even after being made aware of her and sent evidence of her convictions and crimes of bank fraud, wire fraud, identity fraud & check fraud!!! It's complete sexism because if a man gets even 1 complaint match will immediately remove their profile & this woman mary louise crespo has had numerous complaints filed by victims of this woman mary louise crespo!!! Incompetence bordering on criminal as match will be responsible when this criminal they allow to keep operating on their site commits more identity theft and uses members and turns them into victims!!!

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