Massage Heights Franchising / misleading sales techniques.

3505 westgate. fairview park, ohio 44126, United States

My wife and i were lead to believe, if we signed up as a couple for 1 yr, total cost would be $64. i started to notice we were billed for each person, not a couple. i requested to have our membership cancelled last month based on misleading sales tactics and poorly trained employees selling memberships. i talked to a manager 2x last month explaining that i can buy a 1 hr massage for less on groupon.manager stated that the benefit is my masseuse will get to now our body better. i stated i have never had the same person twice, even when assured that that masseuse will be performing my massage.i requested an owner call me, i am negative in my checking account for $128 plus $72 in overdraft fees.i decided to call them today.Gigi said someone will call me.checked customer reviews..WHOAAAA. i would have never signed up if i saw the reviews.Sixto and Conny Torres. Elyria, ohio. fairview park, ohio, massage Heights location.

  • Updated by Sixto Torres, Apr 15, 2019

    my wife and i were told it was $64 per couple, not per person. called several times to cancell and explained why.let manager know that the verbage led us to belive per couple. attemted to talk to an owner. 1 month later, no i see $129 withdrawn.this put me in a neg w/additional $72 in overdraft. called again today.Gigi is having a owner c

Apr 15, 2019

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