Massage Envywould not let me use my credits for massage after cancelation

M Jul 22, 2019

I have been a member of Massage Envy since 2015. I first joined in Houston and then transfered my membership to College Station, TX. Last spring it began to get hard to get appointments and I had several canceled because the therapists had quit. I tried to get appointments in Tyler where I am moving and could never get them to return my calls. Eventually I was told that Tyler had probably closed because the company was having trouble transferring to a new corporate program and that is why so many of their therapists had quit. I eventually canceled my membership as I could not get appointments in a timely manner and there was no Massage Envy where I am moving to. At one time I was told there were ony three therapists still working in the College Station store. I called and made my last appointment for a 90 minute session. I clearly discussed the fact that my account was closed but was assured that my credits were still good and I could use them on that appointment. It was several weeks away. Received a call this morning to confirm. Received another call this afternoon and was told I would have to pay for the session as my credits had expired. I explained all that I had been assured before but she was adament that I would have to pay for the 90 minutes. It made no difference that the credits were good when I made the appointment, but it took just too long to get the appointment.
I canceled the appointment as I lost more credits than tomorrow's last session because I could not get appointments. You can rest assured that I will have nothing nice to say about Massage Envy in College Station and clearly if I am being treated poorly and Tylers Massage Envy closed with no one returning calls or leaving a closed message, your company is in trouble on a variety of levels and should really re-evaluate your business model.

Maggie McGuire [protected]

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