Mary Kay Unit Leader Elice Stonerfalse advertising and so listing new consultants

M Aug 13, 2018

This woman is promising things to new recruits. She advertised for example that if you book 15 appointment by August 5th you get a free buisness pack. I guess she thought nobody would do it because it ended up being a 2.00 coffee mug. She is charging consultants 5.00 per meeting and doesn't really give out any information that you cannot get on your own. Now she has added that you must attend every meeting to earn prizes. So basically she is profiting not only on consultants selling the products but also having them pay her more than the stupid prizes are worth. I am going to continue to sell mary kay but not under her she has done nothing but be condescending and rude since i joined also some of the sales tactics she is teaching are not going to do anything but piss people off where they will never buy mary kay from anyone ever again.I have ran into a few of them false advertising and promising people things then profiting off the classesat which she tries to get us to bring people to for her so she doesn't have to do anything. Extortion!

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