Marriott Vacation Club Internationalall of the heartless people I encountered there

My parents owned this timeshare for close to 30 years. They pass it on to me and my family who used it for 5 years after that. I then become diagnosed with end stage renal disease and have to start dialysis. Anyone who deals with dialysis knows it isn't easy to vacation with all of the equipment and ordering the supplies to be at your destination when you get there is a bit nerve racking, wondering if it all is there and what do you do if it isn't? We were paying the fees and all bills pertaining to it for 4 years without using it, thinking once I got my transplant we should have a nice vacation destination waiting for us. Things don't always turn out as you plan I guess. With me unable to work money got tight, and the $1, 500 annual fee to them got delayed. We called and explained out situation to which we got a "we'll see what we can do for you" in response. There is then a person on my front step presenting me with papers and saying you've been served. Spent the next three weeks calling every person I was told to by Marriott to help fix this, only to have them say that it will cost me $4, 600 to reopen my account with them because of attorney fees. I'm saying all of this for anyone who hopes that there are people out there have a heart and can do the right thing. Marriott Vacation Club is not one those places. Do not expect any kind of sympathy no matter how long you've been a customer for. They only care about your hard earned money and how they are goi g to steal it from you. MARRIOTT VACATION CLUB DOESN'T CARE ABOUT YOU AT ALL!!!

  • Mr. Pidgeon, thank you for sharing your feedback with us about your ownership. We do know that Owners may encounter life events that may make it challenging to continue vacationing every year. There are options available to Owners that do not plan to travel in a year or no longer want to be an Owner with Marriott Vacation Club. This may include renting your week for the year you do not plan to travel, converting to Mariott Bonvoy points or if it works out best, deciding to sell your week.

    Our team is willing to work with each Owner to find the best option available for them. You are welcome to contact Customer Advocacy directly at [protected] or by email at customer.[protected] if you would like to speak with our team directly about your ownership. Thank you again for your message and we look forward to hearing from you.

Sep 28, 2019

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