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Complaints & Reviews

club dues

When Marriott Vacation Club took over and told us we didn't need to pay Interval Int anymore but would have...

getting paid for rentals

Anyone else having issues with the rental program? For the second year in a row, I am having a great deal of difficulty getting paid, or even a response from MVCI Customer Service. I fax in my financial information to the number provided, get confirmation it was successfully received, and get no confirmation back. Nearly two months later, no payment. I contacted customer service twice, and they tell me the "rental office is closed today" or they have to research it and get back to me. Still waiting. Last year, I was asked to fax sensitive financial information 3 times and had to make a dozen or more phone calls before getting paid, with no explanation as to where my financial information went the first two times. I think it may be time for a governing body to investigate their inability to properly treat personal and financial information as well as their "confusion" about paying a rental fee per the written contract.

escape from contract during recision

My wife and I signed a Marriott Vacation Club Contract in Las Vegas with the assurance that we could cancel...

points program steals you blind

Dear All - I feel compelled to tell people how bad Marriott Vacation Clubs is now with the points system...

don't buy package from them – all prices are fakes

When I and my wife were on vacation, the rep from the company Marriott Vacation Club offered their vacation package, which included different procedures and entertainment and large accommodation for 4 nights. We agreed to buy this package, but it was lie. They charged us for all procedures and entertainment completely for different prices. Their package was only ad and all prices were fakes. Please, post your comments and share your views about this company.

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bait and switch

I, unfortunately, recently bought into the MVC after working with one of their sales teams going over, in...

do not entertain

Just got back off a holiday to Phuket it was fantastic the gardens sea view everything perfect. But I will never stay in a Marriott hotel ever again.I made A big mistake of going on a presentation about the ( vacation club) Timeshare iam sure it is fine but we had a sales guy by the name of Tommy Schumam.What a rude and pushy.
He called my husband and I cheap Charlie's bums and not good enough to be in there hotel.
I have ripped up my Marriott Reward card good riddance .
Why does a multi national employ people like this.

  • Uk
    ukmarriottmember Jan 12, 2014

    Unbelievable! We were at this same resort 3.5 years ago and had the same horrific experience with Tommy. The '90 min presentation' lasted nearly 4 hours, the last 1.5 hours of which we were basically held hostage in their sales suite (he physically stood in the doorway refusing to accept that we were not going to purchase).

    I cannot believe he is still there - we made extremely strong formal complaints at the time and were assured that his behaviour would be addressed.

    Clearly there are not only issues with the program itself, but with the entire attitude to customers at all.

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marriott worse than loan sharks

First of all I apologize for my English, but I use an automatic translator.
Between the years 2000 and 2002 I purchased 3 weeks to Sonatem Vacation Club and Marbella, paid 16, 000 euros each one.
for many years that my financial situation has changed for the worse and then I asked Marriott the ability to resell my weeks, after 12 years but this seems almost impossible.
Since I changed my financial situation, despite having always paid the maintenance costs, I can not deny that I have problems to continue to do so, but Marriott does not want to know anything of this, I pay or lose the property.
Two weeks ago I received a letter from Marriott, which contained an offer to buy my week at the Gold Sonatem, offered 4, 200 euros, the same week 12 years ago I paid almost 17, 000 euros.
But 12 years later, it should be worth more? So I wonder: what is the difference between a loan shark and Marriott?
Mr. Luciano Passariello
l.passariello @

  • Fe
    feisty54 Jun 20, 2012

    wen you buy time share it is not bought to make money it is intended to save money. Didn't you use it for those 12 years?? or go somewhere else?? would that not cost you thousand of $$$ over 12 years? the maintenance fee's are to keep the property well maintained. isn't that how you maintain your home??? and isn't the time share like a home away from home??? You are not looking at this the right way, Most people leave these in a trust for there children, If you have kids why don't you give it t them and they can pay the maintenance fee and enjoy it, where else can you get vacations for the rest of your lives and children's lives for a fixed price 12 years ago???( for what a 1200 a year fee?? come on now

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  • To
    ToHawaii Mar 24, 2013

    I purchased a Silver time share on beautiful Singer Island back in 1996 for $9, 999. This was a pre construction price and I received 200, 000 points which enabled us to go to Hawaii! However, over the years the maintenance fee has gone up to almost $1300 yr. Since I cannot afford a vacation every year, I have contacted Marriott numerous times and have only been able to rent it once. Seems that since they have changed the way people can use their timeshare locations (points, owner can rent privately, non owner use, etc.) the owners are getting screwed! Every time I try to book a week there is barely any weeks left. They say no one is looking to rent a week but when you go there the pools are packed to the max that you cannot even find a place to sit. If you want to trade a week for points you have to pay, you have to pay to join interval, pay, pay, pay!!! I got so fed up with it that I asked to be put on the resale list. That was over 2 years ago! Marriott will buy back from you but you will end up with about $2, 600 and maybe a refund on your maintenance fee. They will resell it to another sucker for about 25K. But since no one is buying timeshares they make their $ by letting anyone in! I have decided to throw in the towel and get my $2600 and be done with Marriott! For what my maintenance fee is I can get a room at a nice resort somewhere else! Do Not even consider timeshare...chalk it up to a lesson learned!

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  • Km
    K M Scott Apr 06, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    EVERYONE! Write the President, your U.S. Congresspeople, and the Attorney General’s Office! LIFETIME CONTRACTS SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED!!!

    Sign the petition at

    and post this to as many boards as you can!

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not what they say they are

They bring you in with false promises that are raher convincing. I asked for what I thought was concrete...


we were in thailand and had the sales presentation from the marriott vacation club, we thought Marriott out of all of the time shares available would be the best given their strong name. However the sale pitch included "a night free at our vacation club in Mai Kao Beach... so we signed up and off we went for our night at the vacation club resort. So we were told that we would get a week a year at the vacation club resort.
its not until a 6 months later when we start to plan our wedding overseas and low and behold we cant book in our accommodation at the vacation club promised due to not having enough points. When we purchased this they stated that we had enough points to stay a week - well a week at a 2 star crappy motel through their interval program which was not explained to us at all. So we cancelled all payments are months of going back and forth with getting no results and no return calls and no return emails then today i get a letter from marriott vacation club telling me that If i dont pay up they will report me to the default credit agency... An absolute jok, even when I ask for the complaints section there is nothing there. We have asked them for our money back and still nothing. No commitment from them what so ever. We are travelling to Las Vegas and I intend on making a scene at the marriot grand chateau vacation club there where I will be demanding to speak with their management team to resolve this issue all together.

  • Do
    Dont buy marriott Jan 18, 2012

    I agree. My husband and I always stay at the Marriott. And since we had children, vacationing just made sense to do it at a vacation club. So after 3 years, we decided to purchase a timeshare via marriott vacation club. I regret that day!!! We bought in May and were not given the option to use our week during that year, but instead were given points instead. So, we had to split our week and use the lockoff and save the 1 bedroom for a later date. Now a year later, I am planning and. They booking my spring break, like i do every January and i was informed today that i was supposed to check in 2 days ago to our home place. I dont book vacations a year in advance. So we lost our week. I never recieved any confirmation or anything. I do however, recieve plenty of other emails almost daily...somehow a reservation has fallen through the cracks. DO NOT BUY MARRIOTT. i used to love Marriott, now they hold you hostage and you can do anyting about it. It is what they say.

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  • Tf
    tfs82 Jun 14, 2012

    I agree too, We too were on a holiday in Thailand, fell for this presentation and signed up. Now as we closing into our wedding, we thought we could use the timeshare as honeymoon, but its a rip off, nothing Guaranteed in terms of dates etc. We want to cancel it but they say its a binding contract and also concerned about defaulting credit. Can you inform us about anything you know about cancellign this contract? As this isnt the what was promised to us at the presentation. Thank you

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The new marriott vacation club destination points is terrible. The sale pitch does not tell you all the...

adverse change in benefits

My husband and I own 4 timeshares through Marriott Vacation Club. At the time we purchased each of these, one of the primary benefits that was repeatedly touted by the sales representatives was the value of and ability to exchange our timeshares for Marriott points. When we purchased, each point could be traded for airline miles (one point for every airline mile). Recently, Marriott substantially changed this "benefit" by significantly reducing the number of miles that could be obtained for Marriott points. For example, depending on the airline, you might have to use 125, 000 Marriott points in order to get 50, 000 airline miles!!

This bait and switch scheme has resulted in a tremendous reduction in benefits, not to mention a substantial decrease in the value of our timeshare. It is an outrage that Marriott should be able to unilaterally make such a drastic change to owners who detrimentally relied on the promises and representations made by Marriott management and its sales personnel.

Marriott should be required to "grandfather" those owners who purchased their units prior to this detrimental change in benefits.

  • Gr
    grfisher Aug 05, 2010

    Yes I agree 100%. I have been a member since 1992 and for the most part have been extremely happy.
    Up til a few years ago. It seems harder and harder to even get a week at our home property at Grande Ocean in Hilton Head.
    This past summer we could never get a week so we had to wait until they told us what week we could have.
    It was no good to we sold the week on ebay.
    I can't understand how owners can't get together on this and boot the management company. I love having the Marriott name...
    but is no good to me if I can't book my owned/deeded vacation.
    I found it most interesting that I could go out 1 yr in advance and book a vacation to my property if I was willing to pay but to be able to use my property and make a reservation based on my ownership...
    all I got was sorry...nothing available.
    Didn't the owners build the property?
    Time for a major change.
    Time to band together and call an attorney.
    Any ideas how to join forces?

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  • Db
    dbarizona Oct 26, 2010

    Marriott Vacation Club is NOT Marriott! Don't expect the same experience because of the name>

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  • Jo
    John S W Jun 10, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I think you are wrong, you have never been able to get a point for point trade for airline miles. A bigger problem is it is getting harder and harder to obtain the low mileage point seats, so you need more airline points and more Marriott points. I have never seen where it makes sense to turn your Marriott points into airline points. A resort hotel room costs $250 - $300 a night, one bed room resorts in Hawaii sell for $2, 000 and up a week. Two flights to Hawaii cost $700 each from the East Coast. Just does not make sense.

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property sold not as promised

We own two Westgate timeshares and traded into the Marriott Grand Chateau in Las Vegas for a week in March...

misleading timeshare promises

A personal experience for people interested in purchasing a timeshare: buying a timeshare at Marriott Newport...

unavailability of

I purchased this time share in 99. At the time I purchased a gold memebership that would enable me to reserve this condo for a week in summer months whn my children are out of school.

This year They have asked every person who has a condo to call in on a thursday, a week before the next year s reservation date at 8 AM.

I have tried 8 (eight) times to get through the line and I was not successful. As a result I did not reserve the condo for the summer next year.

At the time I purchased this time share I was assured of the reservation every summer. That was a deceptive sales practice.

They have obviously sold more time share options to people than the available condos for the summer. As a a result they have instituted a lottery systm for the reservation. That was clearly not disclosed at the time I bought this time share. Had I known this I woul not have bought this.

Now I cannot even apply my lost time towards the points in Marriott because they have refuse on the basis of how the contract was worded.

Currently I am out of $20700, I pay nearly $1000 a year in fees and taxes and I cannot get a reservation.

I base this complaint upon the deceptive sales practice.

stay away!

Marriott Vacation Club Salespeople are Super-trained "used car salespeople!" They tell you how easy...


Marriott's reservation system is a sham. They make everyone call at exactly 7:00 AM on a Thursday to 12 months in advance to reserve a room. If you don't, you better like vacationing in New Jersey in January because everything else is supposedly gone. Nobody knows how all good inventory can disappear in less time than it takes to reload a page on your computer but it does. If you buy Marriott, you likely will not get your desired week. And if you fall for their sales pitch to buy multiple weeks so you can book 13 months in advance, forget it. It's never available either.

  • Li
    lixiloo Jun 10, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have owned for 10 years and find exactly the same problem every time. Polite but can never sort anything out. Next problem will be selling as I am fed up of the situation.

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  • Jo
    John S W Jun 10, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Quit making the phone calls, just put in a request 3 - 6 months out, avoid the high travel periods unless you have no choice and wait. More than likely your request will be filled. Your request will be placed in que and when an opening comes you will get your request. Smaller resorts are harder to book. Now I mainly go to Hawaii; I know Vegas and Florida are easy (but who wants to go to either one in the summer.

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  • Un
    Unhappy Marriott Owner Feb 23, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Marriott is a sham.

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  • Un
    Unhappy Marriott Owner Feb 23, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Marriot Timeshare sales are very misleading.

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cannot change check-in date

We make our vacation reservations a year in advance at the Newport Coast Villas. Sunday was the only day...

misleading phone pitch

My wife and I received a phone offer for some really fabulous rates at the Marriott Vacation club in Maui. He offered special pricing on rooms and bungalows all over, but we chose Maui for spring break. We routinely stay at Marriott hotels, so we assumed this was an offer for same. But it isn't. At no time did the salesman on the phone say anything about this being a timeshare offer-not once. We did not learn about that until a letter came, saying that not only was this a timeshare offer, but that the resort would be under heavy construction while we were there. We were foolish enough to put $198 down. I guess it's not the end of the world, but this is nonrefundable, that they did make clear.

A few prime example of scammy behavior from this company: 1: Act now for special pricing offer. He really pressured us to close the deal then and there-and we fell for it 2: Nonrefundable deposit - stupid me.

  • Un
    Unhappy-Marriott-member Dec 01, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We just had a similiar occurrance with Marriott Vacation Club in Hilton Head, SC. My wife worked with the phone salesperson and we were told that we would stay at the property. Because we had not received our confirmation, my wife followed up and was lied to and told that she should not cancel the reservation eventhough we would be outside of the cancellation period awaiting confirmation that they would 'waive' the cancellation fee. All a lie!!!
    As a 'Platinum' Marriott Rewards member and frequent traveler, I was surprise at Marriott's actions toward my wife.
    Based on this experience, it would be difficult to recommend Marriott Vacation Club. These actions are reflective of an operation that is under some type of business model having difficulties.

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  • Al
    Alireza torfi Aug 10, 2011

    thanks for your time to write this i even went last night 9 -Aug -2011 to the sales man but really dont know why they pushing us to buy and they said this is nothing we pay they said we only pay 29 000 $ for 1 week share and we can even resell after 4 or 5 years, i ask him i need all policy and contract and he refuse ! to give me any thing they said i will get after i pay why ? if it is clear they should give and show in advance this is our rights to practice before making any agreement, again thanks for all to gave us some tips to avoid this type of programs !!!

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not what we expected

My husband and I recently bought a time share transfer from a relative, for a week's stay at the Marriott's Ocean Pointe on Singer Island in Palm Beach FL. This place was a disaster from the word go. Firstly, when I called the timeshare company to make the reservation, I could not understand the lady who barely spoke English so we ended up with a regular hotel room instead of a condo. When I tried to call and upgrade, the Marriott told me they could not upgrade me that I would have to do it through the timeshare. When I called the timeshare (Interval International) they advised me that the only way to upgrade was to cancel the reservation I already had and go on a waiting list for a condo. No way! I already had my airline tickets. So after a horrible flight experience (which you can read about under complaints about AirTran airways) we arrived almost an entire day late to the Marriott, right before midnight to be exact - only to have to deal with a very huffy front desk clerk who also told us he could not upgrade us for two reasons. One being that they were booked (parking lot was pretty bare during the time we were there) and secondly because he could not do it there. I still don't know what that means. This is a place that you can just drive up to and get a room so why they can't upgrade you to what you wanted in the first place and you know they have available because the condo right next to us was unoccupied! It was pretty much downhill from there. The bars on-site, as well as the Pizza Hut (on-site also) will not take your money. You have to run up a tab. The pool bar at the building we were at - which was separated from the rest of the resort by a slummy apartment - closed early most days. I only saw the concierge at our building on one or two occasions actually sitting at the desk. Most of the time was a note posted that said "Sorry I missed you". We couldn't even get fresh bathroom towels or basic housekeeping services because it wasn't "included" in our reservation. Halfway through our stay I was forced to go down and actually use the on-site laundry facility to wash the resorts bathroom towels! This is unacceptable! Why would I pay how many thousands of dollars to buy into a timeshare where you go do all the housework you do while you are not on vacation!?

  • Ba
    batorsin Mar 27, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The word "DEPOSIT" is NOT correct, but they don't tell you that. I have family coming to a timeshare and I called to book it. DEPOSIT means FORFEIT! My family have airline tickets already and when I didn't get a confirmation, I called Marriott. They said I gave it away!!! So it cost me $109 to request 9/2 - 9/7 in January, 2011. They still haven't found that week for me. It makes no sense to deposit a week you are not going to use. The terminology should be "FORFEIT" so that you know you are giving the week away. If anyone has that week they want to give up, please call Interval and tell them so that my family doesn't waste their airline tickets! Thank you in advance. P.S. If you don't already know this, once you own a timeshare, it is 'in perpetuity' meaning forever down to your children upon your death, grandchildren upon their parents death, etc. etc.

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