Maple Callbilling

Hi everyone,
Please be very careful with this company because they are very vicious. I'm not sure how, now days something like this still happens. They will harass you until you get fed up and either call the police or hire someone to defend you. It never stops. I personally called them and I asked the person on the other side why am I being charged with regular fees since my service was transferred to an other company more than two months ago.
No explanation, but, my bill was lowered on the spot from 50 dollars to twenty dollars. I've asked if I pay right away the bill everything was going to be ok. The answer was yes.
Right now after almost three months since I spoked with them bills are still coming. And not only that, thy are very aggressive and they call YOU to ask why don't you pay.
I never agreed to be transferred to this company. After the first bill when I saw their outrageous monthly charges I decided to move to a different company. This was back in May . I'm still dealing with them and I'm desperately mad because this is still happening and the authorities are doing nothing.
I payed what they asked for and new bills keep on coming. UNBELIEVABLE, unbelievable.
Please, someone put an end to this horror story.

Oct 02, 2019

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