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A Aug 03, 2018

To Whom It May Concern

I boarded the JE 245 flight from OR Tambo to King Shaka on 02 Aug 2018, where I checked in my luggage with three locks on my suitcase.
Upon my return to Durban, I noticed my combination lock was missing, my zip was broken on my suitcase.
I opened my suitcase to find my entire suitcase had been turned upside down, all my compartment zips inside were open and the luggage straps inside were undone.
I am missing items - socks and two tops from my suitcase.

This is a violation of my personal space.

Looking at this website, theft seems to be an ongoing occurrence.

I would like to know what Mango intends to do about this and what liability does the airline share for loss and theft whilst luggage is no longer in the care of passengers

I am unable to get hold of customer care.

I trust that Mango will take this customer complaint seriously and advice on the necessary process to claim my losses suffered at the hands off Mango staff.

Unhappy traveller
Avika Somaroo

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