Mango Airlines / FlyMangoflight je253 - 12 jan 2020 - appalled!!!

K Jan 22, 2020

Good morning
I trust you are well.

I would firstly like to commend Mango Airlines, as they are always professional, mostly on time and your staff are pleasant, therefore you will soon understand my absolute shock and horror when my parents mentioned to my sister and I how horrific the above flight was!!!
1. Flight was scheduled for 13.15 - this was delayed by aprox. 1 hour
a. Reason - staff was looking for a bag that was not supposed to be on the flight.
b. After the bag was found - there was a " Technical Error" with the AC
2. Flight left OR Tambo approx. 14.11pm on the 12th Jan 2020
3. Take off was shaky
4. Once the plane was airborne the turbulence was unbelievable
5. The skies was clear - therefore weather was NOT the cause!!
6. The pilot was flying the plane so fast - that plane was shaking tremendously
a. So much so that people on the flight was screaming and shouting "Don't Crash"
7. My parents and I'm sure other passengers were crying and terrified that they were going to lose their lives!!!
8. Your flight staff could not even offer the passengers FREE beverages to help them calm down as a courtesy!

PLEASE go and check the black box if you think any of the above is a false accusation.
Can you imagine how we must feel that we cannot be with our parents when they felt this way all because Mango's Pilot on the above flight flew that aircraft in such an unruly manner. WHY???? Just to make up time for your precious schedule????
I would rather the flights be delayed than to risk the lives of innocent people.
I would like this matter be investigated as a matter of Urgency as this is totally unacceptable behavior, and we expect full feedback on the investigation and the consequences thereof to the pilot.
In the interim, please know that my sister, our entire family and extended family and I will no longer be using Mango Airlines. I will also be taking this to social media where plenty of our friends and family know that this is the type of airline that operates in our skies.

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