Mango Airlines / FlyMangobad bad bad service and no customer care!

X Aug 03, 2018

Where shall I start... I booked a urgent flight on mango flight je709 for business to leave lanseria 02/08/2018 to cape town. My flight was supposed to leave at 15:10. I checked in 90 mins before the time, asked for emergency exit seats / front row seats as I am a very tall and big man. I am 6 foot 3. I do not fit in a normal seat. Oky, that went well... Then the lady asked if I would like to make my return booking the same? I first thought wow great service! And agreed to it. When arriving at gate 3 where we were suppose to board, we all where sitting there. 14:50 they said the flight is delayed with 10 mins. As they are waiting on the aircraft. At 15:10 (our time to take off actually) we where informed that our flight is delayed with 1 hour and 50 mins!!! We even got a sms from mango to confirm that. I immediatly went to the mango customer care desk, and said we have to make a plan as I am going down for urgent business and I am supposed to be at a function at 18:30?? So I will not be able to make it due to the delay? The supervisor said to me what would I like him to do? I said oky well, I am supposed to return the following morning at 6:10 on the 03/08/2018 flight je702 and now I will have to re-schedule my meetings to the morning, so he must please move my tickets to the afternoon flight. He agreed and appologised and gave me a r60 voucher for the inconvience... I thaught he could take that r60 voucher and shauve it up as I could lose quite allot due to missing a meeting. But okay, got on my flight and arrived in cape town.

Today uppon returning from cape town to lanseria, on flight je712 not 702 anymore due to the change from the morning to the afternoon at 14:30 I arrived at 12:55 at the airport. Went to the check in department and wow they exceeded my worst expectations!!! I was busy checking in, and I asked they guy behind the counter to make sure if I am sitting at the emergency exit as agreed on yesterday and organised? He looked at me and said no, there is no more space there I am in the middle somewhere... I explained on a very nice manner that I am too tall and too big to sit in the normal chairs, my legs does not fit and especially not for a 2 hour flight. He said there is nothing he can do. I got upset and told him to make a plan as explained I can not sit at a normal chair. Where he again said he cant do anything. I was quite upset on this moment and asked him so whose fault is it that there is no space at the emergency exit as I actually booked it yesterday already and when the supervisor in lanseria changed the flights, he did not change it correctly? He looked at me and said its my fault!!! I vot cross, and said I would please like his name as I am going to report it? He refused. I mean really? I am the customer here.. The one that pays your sallary??? I walked over to the desk where there is supervisors or some sort. Amd explained my sittuation, they refered me to his supervisor whom was standing right next to him!!! I thaught mmm a suoervisor syanding right next to all of this and cant do a thing? Well done! I also would like such a job! And she listened and saw the whole thing and dont say a word??? Well done once again!!! Next moment the guy next to him started to lay a egg on the situation, where he actually has nothing to do with and have a client standing right infront of him! I thaught wow how is that for customer service! Asked for their names, they refused so I took pictures of them! I took my ticket, and walked straight to the mango customer care desk once again where they gave me a number to call for guest relations and complaints. However I phoned them, after a 23 min talk the answer I got where, "we appologise for the inconvience, how ever there is nothing we can do" I mean realy mango??? I did not ask you to refund me, give me thousands of rands or free meals, all I wanted is a seat where I shall fit. And you cant even do that? Went to my boarding gate c9, and supprise!!! Flight is delayed once again with 40mins! And boarding gate changed to a10!

Never in my whole life I will fly with mango again! Flysafair / kulula here I come!!!

Mango Airlines / FlyMango
Mango Airlines / FlyMango

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