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1 Acme on Concord Pike In Wilmington, Delaware, United States

Hello my name is Torrie Stoner my daughter name is Jahniyah Stoner-Boswell and On5/4/2019 I was doing a little shopping while waiting for my daughter who is one of your employees to get off of work. As I pass the section of the meat department 3 of your managers started to snickering at me as I walked by. I turned around and one of the managers stated " I know it's a bald headed horse running around some where" and the other two managers started to laugh . I turned around and the manager said it again " I know that's not her hair, poor little horse!" The part that bothers me is that he never tries to at least whisper his dislikes about me he was bold enough to say it as if he was untouchable.That showed he nor the other two had any professionalism, that was a racist remark, My child is an African American and she does where wigs, weaves, braids as such. I spend a lot of money in your stores and I have never felt welcome as I have by managers ever in my life. It was rude and it upset my child who is a 17 year old school age child that works for you guys. I was very upset at the fact he and his colleagues were that blatantly harassing me while I shopped at your store . So I walk down another aisle and one of the managers seen me speaking to my daughter and he proceeded to the back and kept looking at me thro the doors he turned red in shocked that I was telling my daughter went just ensued. She and I went to another supervisor to tell them what happened and she was very concerned as well. This is a issue that needs to be address immediately. I feel threatened, fearful for all of the school aged children, African Americans employees working for you guys. These managers are rude, disgusting, disrespectful towards customers and unknown to them your staff family. Acme is branded on family. Family does not treat one another that way. I need you to look into this and correct the situation. I have submitted the photo of what O was wearing including hairstyle at the time of the incident


May 05, 2019

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