Malwarebytesrefused to pay for the repair or to apologize

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My friend advised me to try the antivirus from the website It was mentioned that they offered it for free, so I decided to download it. After I downloaded and installed this antivirus, my computer broke and I needed to repair it. I contacted the representative and told everything what happened, but he refused to pay for the repair or to apologize, he simply hung up on me. I just wanted to warn everyone not to deal with such dishonest people.


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      Jan 09, 2014

    Software cannot break your computer, but trying to delete a swamp of malware can result in serious crashes. I used malwarebytes for years without problem.

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  •   Jul 09, 2016

    I too have used MB for years with no problems. People need to be careful when doing things they do not understand.

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  • C
      Jul 09, 2016

    Even if your computer broke after installing the software, there is a very high possibility it was coincidence in timing. They shouldn't have to pay for your repair. What is wrong with you people are you all entitled idiots?

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