Malindo Airwaysunethical behaviour retimed schedule

T Aug 03, 2018

Dear: Person whom may in charges,

Good day.

Passenger Name: Tan Joo Lee
Document No.: [protected]
Contact No.: [protected]
Date of Travel: 02th Aug 2018
Time: 21:40pm (re-timed to 22:40pm)
From: Penang-Subang

It's dull to me.
This's happen on yesterday night trip.
I received a message from Malindo Air due to operational requestes, the flight is delay to 22:40pm at night.
When I reached airport at 22:25pm, one of the officer said the flight is departed.
At that time, I felt shocked and upset because I have an appointment in the next day.

The wrath was when I on my way back home at 11:07pm, I was informed by one of the operator asked about a'm I going to take this flight. I replied I missed the flight. The reply is the flight haven't depart...
I really don't know what can I reply to the operator as I felt lose at that moment.

So today I hoping the re-timed have to be inform to customer accurate.

Tan Joo Lee

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