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D Aug 01, 2018

Really bad service, highly unsatisfied due to unresponsive service. I had mail from last two days still they didn't reply. it is as follow:

Hi team and airlines,
I am really disappointed due to my luggage. I confirm with your team that where could I got my luggage and as they suggested that at Ahmedabad the last destination. When I was waiting for my luggage at Ahmedabad, Airport Authority told me it was at Chennai Airport and for that, I have to spend the extra money and went Ahmedabad to Chennai by domestic fight and then they give me. Why it happens, I really disappointed with the service because I confirmed and still it happened. From my one week trip, I have to spend one day to get my luggage from Ahmedabad to Chennai. I hope you understand me and let me know what should I do for return? I have a flight on 3rd August from Ahmedabad to Delhi -Domestic and then international via Kaulalumpoor Malaysia to Brisbane. Let me know, should I have to change luggage at Delhi or I can get at Brisbane??

I talk to and they send me to revert as

Hi Dipika,

We provide passengers with the information that is provided to us by the airline.

MALAYSIA AIRLINES can check the luggage onto Air India, but ultimately the decision is made by the person doing the check-in at the time of departure.

Would have been a good idea to check with them at the time of check in.

For this reason, it is best that you call the airline and discuss your concern.

As mentioned, we can provide you with the information given to us by the airline, which is still the same: Malaysia Airlines can check luggage onto Air India and vice versa.

Kind regards,


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Really frustrated


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