Magnuson innabout the boss jay

J Aug 16, 2018

Us as housekeepers do what we have to do here and all he can think about is money he want fix anything we have bed bugs some of our rooms smell like dog pee and he still tell us to clean them but the smell is so sickly to were you just throw up every time and all of us housekeepers been here and we still at 7.25 a hour but the work we do we should be making at least 9.00 a hour we come in and don't have any laundry to start off with and we have new things in storage but he rather for us to use the sheets that's stained and let them get washed and then we have to put them back on and we be telling jay that theses sheets and towels are nasty and we need new ones but he still don't listen so what we are going to do as housekeepers we're coming to you to see can you all just pop up and see what we are going through cause this place is unorganized for resl

  • Updated by Jeanna watson · Aug 22, 2018

    Roaches in the rooms and he so rude about giving you your money back then over charging his employees to stay there and jay and his wife under paying them so yes I'm going to the broad myself on them cause these workers need more pay

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