I am a new customer of Magic Jack, I received my new device on September 6, 2019, but I did not activate the service until September 16, because my then service from Basic Talk would be up in September 21. I received a new number and the service was suppose to work in 3 simple steps. Will my service only works most times with outgoing service, I can not receive incoming calls. I have notified Magic Jack 10 times since September 21, 2019, they keep telling me that Optimum needs to open a new port, that makes no sense because Basic Talk services worked fine. After not getting anywhere, a tech from magic jack told me on October 5 magic jack again on October 6, that my device might be defective and I have to pay for a new device. On October 5, Optimum technician came out to my residence and checked the line, he advised me that there was no need for a port change, that Magic Jack needs to correct block they have on my incoming service, because if something was wrong with line no service would come through. This is where I stand no incoming service and when I called back on October 6, the customer service representative took my contact number to have a Supervisor call me back, as of October 8, 2019, no one has called me back from Magic Jack, so I want my money back and this service cancelled. What am I paying for one way service. No way.

Oct 08, 2019

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