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MagicJack Customer Care Service

MagicJack LP

PO Box 6785
West Palm Beach
United States - 33405-6785

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 800 624 4252(Customer Care) 2 6
+1 844 866 2442(Billing Inquires - Within the US or Canada) 2 2
+1 561 594 9925(Billing Inquires - Outside the US or Canada) 6 2

MagicJack Complaints & Reviews

MagicJack / magicjack device & support

Laidbacklarry on Jan 16, 2018
I bought a new MagicJack device as I was going to have to renew anyway after buying the device when I had to register it I got as far as step 2 and it would not go any further I went online and they asked for the serial number I had to open the item after everything they then tell me they...

Magic Jack / billing and payment

Dianemiller on Nov 28, 2017
I bought a Magic Jack early this year. I was in South Carolina time of purchase. Bought it at Walmart. I used the phone number on the Walmart Package They gave me a customer ID # MJ... The person who connected me was Chris Adams Phone number 561-623-9593 They told me when connecting, 1year...

MagicJack / about my number 514 331 7987 whom rings in another home when I call it

myrhouns on Oct 30, 2017
I bought a device magicjackgo. I registred it. But if a call my number its rings in another house and the people took the call. I haven't any control in my device. In my account, I have two devices. But I bought only one. For registred my one device, I had some difficult. I have created...

Magic Jack / customer services

I.Harris on Oct 27, 2017
Hello I can't get my magicjackgo registered because I can't find the form! I tried everything to chat on mj customer line I hope it was them because I give them my device information and she hung up with her saying go to where I have for weeks trying register at www.mjReg.com and...

MagicJack / magicjack go

Jim009 on Oct 15, 2017
Magicjack has the worse customer service and warranty I have ever seen. I purchased a magicjackgo, and it worked for a couple of weeks, and then unexpectedly it just quit. We thought it must be our old phone, so we purchased a new phone. Still didn't work. So the phone manual said if we...

MagicJack / magic plus 2014 device

Sharen Fraser on Oct 10, 2017
At one time I had this device working, but then it became overheated terribly to the point I was concerned the adapter would indeed possibly cause a fire. I told them about it, they said don't use it and they had replacement for free.. good, but then the shipping fee was more than buying a...

MagicJack / magicjack's limits to "unlimited"

Peter Klein on Oct 4, 2017
Don't believe "Free 12 Months of Service" on the company's website... they limit the number of calls you can make to 50/day in the fine print (i. e., in section 6 ("Proper Use; Suspicion of Fraud") of the "Subscriber Agreement for Products and Services". We purchased service in February...

MagicJack / magicjack express

Anthony Montana on Aug 8, 2017
This company product and its service are all a total scam!!! Stay far away from them. I got fooled by them once, don't wish for anyone else to be fooled and get robbed like I was... Again, don't even think about trying to save some bucks in using a 'cheap' phone services where there is no...

MagicJack / magic jack prepaid minutes refund request

Scammedbig2 on Jul 18, 2017
When I purchased prepaid minutes to use on my Magic Jack app, I was assured by the Customer Service Rep that I could use those minutes anytime independent of renewing my Magic Jack device. However, today when I tried to use those minutes to make a call I was told I was unable to use them...

MagicJack / bad customer service

David Towner on Jun 9, 2017
Purchased a replacement magicJunk Go and received it about mid May 2017. Had problems with it almost immediately. No change to configuration and checked everything over several times. Clearly the unit. Spent hours on the phone and chats and emails with MJ, and have to start back at square...

MagicJack / magicjack go

Phillip D Jones on May 22, 2017
I bought a Magic Jack Go while in the States based on inputs from fellow Americans here in Thailand, where I currently live. I expected, and was told, the process would be no more than 15 minutes. It has now been 2 weeks and no assistance or reaching out to help by Customer Service. I...

MagicJack / fraud from "magicjack" representative.

sien sam on Feb 3, 2017
On 02/16/2016 I was getting a phone call from MagicJack company said "we have a promotion going on for 5 years contract." His name was Mark Lucent that was what he told me and I noted it. He gave me a phone number to contact him if I have any question or problem. He asked me my credit card...

MagicJack / service renewal charged on 6/23/2016 but service not provided

wasiul on Dec 25, 2016
I had received a one year renewal email and paid 37.73 on 6/23/2016. But ever since that time I am not able to receive my service properly. Whenever I contact they either refresh my device or they say I am supposed to renew with 99 dollars. I am really tired of the repeated failures of...

MagicJack / double charge for service, not willing to help

RBABeto on Dec 10, 2016
Hello on 10/02/2016 I purchased a MagicJackGo that include 12 months of service for a total of $53.90 US, MagicJack order number #TS69012634 This was charged to my credit card on 10/05/2016. On 10/18/2016 a second charge from MagicJack to my credit card was made for the amount of $46.35 US...

MagicJack / fraud

Jerry Panza on May 7, 2016
I keep getting calls from a ny number 6465881773, they say they are from microsoft and that I have a problem with my ms windows, they try to get info from me the caller id shows a ny number 6465881773 and when that number is called a recording states that the magic sack customer is not...

MagicJack / fraud

cynthia wesley on Mar 19, 2016
I received a call with a majicjack number 262-359-9969 whom told me they worked with Microsoft and had to fix the program I had purchased. Which I did purchase a program from Microsoft. I allowed this individual onto my computer and he hacked it. This individual wanted money from me $1...

MagicJack / internet phone

Reviewer93550 on Feb 2, 2016
I have had Magic Jack for about 5 yrs., without much success. The first two years, I used it as my main phone. It dropped calls constantly and the audio was terrible. Finally, I went back to my former phone company and kept the MJ for overseas calls.in Oct. 2015, my contract was up and I...

MagicJack / (716) 616-9882 doing scam

Reviewer58194 on Nov 11, 2015
This phone number (716) 616-9882 registered with magic jack and doing scam with bank information and home utilities bill please report this person to police and stop this magic jack device (716) 616-9882 this device are operating from india or bangladash

MagicJack / unethical behaviour

Reviewer75563 on Oct 9, 2015
Everyday I received phone calls from Magic Jack (1-954) 353-3944 Ft. Lauderdale Florida. When I answer, they hang up. I called the number back that called me and it states the mail box is full and you can't leave a message. I emailed Magic Jack and a CHAT line came up to type. I explained...

MagicJack / fraud

Reviewer16811 on Sep 16, 2015
I placed an order approximately 2 days ago for five years term restart my magic jack telephone number 613-800-2101 which I received confirmation for this event. I tried to use my magic jack will without success. I called magicJack for support only to find they wanted another $300 fix the...

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