His name was Carlos. I get into the car after it says he is my driver on the app. While I am in the car he begins to drive away from my destination. While I am also in the car, the app notifies me that I better meet Carlos or he will depart & I will be charged a fee. So I tell him I am in the car & please let the app know. He says it's something on my end & he can't do anything about it. I tell him I'm going to be charged when I am already in the car & I am wondering where we are even going at this point. I had an appt at 10am that I missed by 15 mins & had to reschedule. I get one day a week off & I could have taken care of my business that day had he not pulled his crap. Not only that, but when the ride cancelled because he didn't let Lyft know I was even in the car, he kicks me out on the side of the street with no care about what neighborhood that he is kicking out a young lady in. He was rude. Incompetent. Now because Lyft charged me the $5, my bank account is negative & I don't get paid for over a week. I will be charged $35 from my bank every day it is negative. He cost me two days off, & he is getting ready to cost me $5 plus $35 a day until October 18th. Honestly I am thinking of suing. I am now in financial trouble because I decided to rely on Lyft.


Oct 10, 2019

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