Lycamobile (Italy)Customer service is horrible, do not use if you are a tourist in Italy!

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Purchased Lyca Mobile SIM card with internet package at a store, was informed to pay 15 euros for 1GB internet, although it was clearly stated on the brochure that it would only be 7 euros. Vendor poorly explained the reason for this. However as my friends & I badly needed internet to find directions, I purchased it anyway. Was given a SIM, and two 5 euro top up cards.
Apparently internet needed activating, and was asked to dial a number, with instructions only in Italian. Dialled the number and nothing happened. Received a message which was all in Italian. Called customer service to make sure my 1GB was activated, as I had no 3G. Customer service was friendly, but kept talking over me. Explained that I needed my internet activated, and he walked me through setting it up on my phone. He even asked me to turn on data roaming, which I KNOW is not required for 3G. However he explained that it was required because Lyca Mobile reaps off the benefits of other networks.
Internet worked but later did not work that night, but after topping up another 5 euros and TURNING OFF data roaming, managed to work. Figured it was just a network problem. Next day, internet did not work again and called customer service. They said that I had been surfing the internet using my top up credit and NOT my 1GB internet bundle.
Explained that I had called the day before and was told that all was good with my internet. Service on the phone told me that I could only use the internet after I topped up ANOTHER 10 euros. At that point I had had enough and did not even bother topping up.
Will NEVER use this service again, even in desperate times. Totally unreliable, look for another better network, especially if local and more reliable.


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    Sevinnn Oct 19, 2018
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    Lycamobile Italy- the worst simcard and customer service
    I purchased Lycamobile simcard 50 euro for a mobth from Rome Airport as I needed to use internet to find directions in Europe. It worked first day, but on the second day didnt work. I called customer service, they said they are nit able to find my details in their system. After many attempts they figured out my details was reolacex with soneone who purchased simcard at the same time at airport. I was asked to fill out a request application which was only in Italian. After using google translator and sending it back, I didnt receive any respond. I called customer service the day after to follow up my request. They said they cannot do anything for this case and I have to go to the airport and find the agent who Sold the somcard to me, which cost me around 50euro to go airport.
    After few day without simcard and internet as a tourist I finally purchased another simcard from Vodafone with less price and more data and better customer service.
    I dont recommend lycamobile at all and if was possible I wouldnt give any star to them as I believe they are fraud.

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