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Luxury LocsRip off arists

Collected payment immediately - waited a week to ship products despite advising products would be received within 5-7 days. When package finally received 10 days later most expensive item ordered not in package. No mention of the missing item and company refusing to return emails or phone calls. Moving to file a fraud report and am pursuing legal action against them for fraud. If possible would like to build enough evidence to have their business license revoked.


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    renne Aug 03, 2009

    Thank you for getting back to us. My direct email address is : [email protected] I check that email address everyday. You may also call me at : [protected], extetion 1> I am in the office Monday -Friday, 10-4:00 pm, Eastern Standard Time. I do look forward to getting this all taken care of.

    Thank You.

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  • Renne-

    You handled a previous order of mine and I had no problems with that order. It was my last order that was placed on October 31, 2008 that I did not experience customer satisfaction. My frustration came from being shuffled to different Luxury Locs representatives who all seemed to sympathize however the order was still extremely late, wrong and ultimately I was never credited $50.00 for the difference in product.

    I ordered the Super Premium Super Curly, one of your most expensive products and was given the Indian wavy one of your least expensive (How could this happen they don't even look the same?). Luxury Locs attempted to make amends by offering 50% off of my next order but how could I trust Luxury Locs with future purchases after being given the wrong product and never receiving a credit for the difference?

    My Luxury Locs confirmation email is provided below. I have omitted personal information for confidentiality reasons. I hope with the date of purchase and confirmation email below you can obtain further information regarding this order and look into the matter yourself. I tried to follow up with two phone calls and an email but was unsuccessful.

    Tracy L.
    Evidence of HIS grace and mercy






    [email protected]








    # 2B- 8OZ – 18 INCHES


    $ 350.00

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    renne Jun 27, 2009

    I dnt know if my original post was posted, so im doing it again. Basically, this is to the last poster: evidence of his truth and grace, mam is you infact received the wrong product, and have not been credited that is an issue, and we would like to get it rectified... as for tracking numbers, we do not use UPS... and have not done so in a very long time... never the less, if when you finally received, it was still wrong, then someone should have dealt with your issue. Im there almost everyday and would have happily helped refund 50.00. It cerainly is not enough to lose a customer over, no amount is. It is really hard to handle this one because we dont know who you are, if you want to email me, and you dont have to do it here, if you email me with your real name. I will happily look into this and I will get it taken care of. As I have said in previous posts, we are not perfect and admit, we have made mistakes with customers, we are doing everything we can to revamp our customer service dept. We have NEVER taken a customers money, nor would we. There has never been any MALICE, if anyhting unforunates mistakes. Again, we apologize and would like to help you. Thanks, Renne

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  • After reading the complaints I have to agree. I too was given tracking numbers from UPS that didn't exist. After rescheduling my hair appointment twice I finally received my product but it was wrong. I received a product that was the wrong texture and less expensive then what I ordered. When I called to complain that's when I started to get the run around. I ordered hair from them before and my orders were fine. I even posted an excellent review on their web page that is still there today. However, with this last order, nothing went right and in the end everyone did everything to avoid talking to me. AND I NEVER ONCE WAS RUDE OR DISRESPECTFUL TO ANY OF THE LUXURY LOCS STAFF.

    After leaving messages and getting passed around to different Luxury Locs staff I was informed I would receive a $50.00 credit back on my charge card to make up for the difference in product. It's been six months and I've never received it. I am a Christian woman so I pray that if the owner is taking advantage of consumers like myself that she realize the bigger picture and what's ultimately important in God's eyes. If these are all mysterious coincidences then all I have to say is if you place an order with Luxury Locs please be cautioned. May God bless you all including Luxury Locs.

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    sheila ross Jun 03, 2009

    I received an email from my girlfriend Sharon, who posted on this site a few days ago. She asked me to leave my review on the luxury locs that we have known for almost 6 years now.

    Im a loyal customer of luxury locs and have been so for a few years now. They have indeed grown since starting back in 04, with growth comes growing pains. I have had issues with getting through, I have had issues with my hair geeting
    to me within the time frame that was promised, but the delays were usually something caused beyond their control. But you know what, the shipping was free! I know now that if I want it for a certain date, to pay for express shipping, they still give me a discount every single time... they even help with the express shipping charges. I have never thought that they would rip me off. Even when I didnt get a response right away, someone always called or emailed me to say, that they were busy or that someone would call back.

    Back in December o8, I placed my normal order and waited for it to arrive, the tracking number came, tracked it... its all good, well the next thing I know the tracking info says that the pkg was delivered. Lord knows I didnt get the shipment. I called and spoke with April, who happened to be on that day, we both tracked it, called UPS, they verified that the address was correct. The damn UPS driver just left it! No signature, no knock on the door, no nothing. April immediately made things right, she didnt have to do that, in fact I know UPS advised her not to, not until she at least had a chance to file a claim. She made things right by sending another shipment. Crooks dont do that, a real crook would have said so sad to bad!

    I know April French and have known her for a long time. We dont hang out, I dont even live in the same state. I know her from her dedication to her business. I also know that Renne trys very hard. Yes they do need more people on noone wants to wait, but they are an honest company. Ive spent alot of money with them over the years, so I dont have a thing to gain by doing this. I just felt the need to leave my two cents.

    Everyone wants to be treated fairly. I'm not saying that your some of these complaints may not have some merit. Im simply saying I know this company and they do not steal from their customers.

    Much Love,
    Sheila Ross

    need info on my experience, I can be reached at
    [email protected]

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    renne Jun 03, 2009

    Good evening, again we apologize for the whole mess with your order, we did notify PayPal to issue a refund... we also accepted liability for our part in this whole mess. We sincerely apologize, a label was indeed printed, but it is obvious that your product was not, this was not done out of mailce . Really what would we benefit by doing this? We certainly dont want or need complaints. It was a mistake on our part and we apologize. I can assure you though that it was an error. We only submitted the tracking information because at the time that you placed the cahrgeback, I was assured that the pkg was enroute to you. Once I realized that it was not. I did contact PaypPal and asked that they please give you your refund along with an apology. We know that you can purchase your remy hair from a number of other sites and know that by choosing us, you trusted us to fill your order correctly and in a timely manner. That did not happen and again I apologize. Ms. Gooden, if you can find it in your heart to please accept our apology, that would mean the world to me... because we really are in business to serve the customer. I would also offer you a complimentary 8oz of your original order and hope that you would accept, so that you may see that we do sell a real product and have many, many happy customers. You may email me directly at : [email protected] . If you would like to accept this offer. There are no strings, we just want to make this right for you.

    We were notified by PayPal that the case had been closed and the refund had been submitted.

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    goodeni May 30, 2009

    Good evening Renne,

    I was sent an email once this board was updated and to my surprise I see a note addressed to me expressing sympathy for the non-receipt of my package and that a refund was issued. This surprised me considering 1) I have left your company numerous messages regarding the concern I had with this order and I have YET to receive a returned phone call and 2) I have not received any notification from Paypal regarding any refund. Despite this fact I still entertained your note by checking with Paypal directly and to my surprise THERE HAS BEEN NO REFUND PROCESSED. Please explain??? I'm confused???? Is this Paypal's fault or your fault?

    The hair has YET to be delivered and we are going on one month since I placed the order. Even if the hair were to be walked to NJ from GA the hair would have gotten here by now. At this point it does not matter because the same day that I filed my Paypal claim against you I also placed another order with a more responsible, courteous, professional, and legitimate hair company. This company had no problem delivering hair to my doorstep within 20 hours. Can you say service, how about we say exceptional service?? My hair has since been colored, washed, and braided while I'm still waiting for your package to arrive.

    To everyone who reads this please understand that I am a very reasonable and forgiving person. Had luxury locs showed SOME type of concern regarding my issue I would have been more than accepting to the fact that people do make honest mistakes, the post office is not the most reliable, or anything of that fashion. However, when you spend your hard earned money with a company that shows you that they could care less an individual can become disgruntled. So I am sorry Renee but I feel as though your apology came about 3 weeks too late.

    To all of you whom have had a great experience with this company I am happy for you for you are one of the lucky ones. I guess I just placed my order at the wrong time and ended up with the crap end of the stick. My sister too used to be one of luxury loc's loyal long time customers...back when they were on iOffer and didn't even have a website, however, after this experience she will no longer patronize with this company again either. She feels just as bad as I do or maybe even worse because she blames forself for she referred me to this company. Just so you know my sister also tried to contact Renee (even via her cell phone) and she too went ignored. Her phone calls went unanswered and she too is disgusted by luxury loc's treatment towards their customers...or should I say some of their customers. All I am looking for is some real closure so that I can completely forget about 4/30/09 and move on once I REALLY receive a refund.

    Have a good night everyone.

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    sharon May 29, 2009

    I too am a customer of Luxury Locs and have nothing to gain by submitting this reveiw. I dont know the owners, nor do I work for the company. I have been a customer though for the last five years. When I heard about this board and the other boards that had submitted complaints. I emailed some of my girfriends and asked them point blank, had they ever had an issue with this company. All but one could recall a time when every single order was perfect. I dont mean we didnt receive the correct order or was shorted. I mean simple human errors that occur with any company. Like receiving 16 inch when we ordered 18 inches, or receiving 7.5 oz, when we orderd 8oz... these are all simple honest mistakes. In the five years that I have been a customer. I have never been given a bogus tracking number. I been given an incorrect tracking number. But once I contacted them it was taken care of. It was as simple as pulling up the wrong number for my shipment. These types of things DO happen. More often then not, its an honest mistake.

    To make claims that could very well effect the way someone lives is not fair. We all want to be treated fairly. These boards are not regulated, anyone can post anything about anyone and remain anonymous, how is that fair. I will gladly leave my REAL contact info for anyone who wants to speak to me. I will remain a loyal customer of Luxury Locs. I ask that for anyone else who may read the complaints to weigh both sides. There are always 2 sides to every story. Call them and ask them about their compaints. Im sure that Renne or April or whomever is there will address each and every issue honestly.

    Thats my imput.

    I also ask my fellow Luxury Locs customers, to come on and support April. She has never asked, but definitely deserves better then this.

    sharon green
    wellington, co

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  • Ra
    rachelle May 29, 2009

    I read the reviews and still decied to purchase. I had a good experience. The internet has become a really powerful force and as much as it can empower it can teasr down as well. Most of these compliants lack merit. Im not here to judge anyone but I am here to give my experience. I ordered from Luxury Locs a little over a montH ago. I did read a few reviews on another board. I asked the customer rep about the complaints and she was honest in how she dealt with the reviews. Anyone can leave a review, anyone can become disgrunteld, anyone can act out of mailce. I promised Renne that once I received my hair and had it in for a while that I would leave a comment. Im doing that right now. My experience was a pleasant one. I paid through PayPal, received a confirmation as well as notice once payment had been received. I received my tracking number and could not track it until the next day. I own my own small business and know how the system works. It arrived 4 days after I received my tracking number. All companies have problems, all companies makes mistakes. I do beileve that the ladies at Luxury Locs are honest and hard working. Renne admitted that they were understaffed and needed more help. Comon ladies lets be adults here, if you have a problem, take it to the person first before blasting them

    Rachelle Thomas

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    renne May 29, 2009

    This comment is for ms. godeni. We issued a refund once we realized that your pkg was not moving in the sytem. We also did eveyrhing Pay Pal asked us to do in regards to trying to make this right for you the consumer. We apologize for the inconvience we caused you .

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    renne May 29, 2009

    You know, if you are going to make complaints, they should at least be truthful. Once we realized that you were missing an item. We did our best to reship as quickly as possible. Thses boards are in fact helpful when the truth is being told but at least be fair. If you decied that you werent pleased with us. That one thing, but tell the truth. You did receive everything you paid for. An an apology for the inconvience

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    renne May 29, 2009

    Ms, Madalen, you received your refund. We cancelled your order before shipping bacause you told us that you had read some bad reviews. You never received a product, because we refunded your complete purchase. Yes the first refund did not go through and that is because the owners chnaged their banking information. Once we realized that the banking information was not up to date we reisuued you a refund. You and I both spoke with a PayPal representaive, we were all three on the phone. I coresponded with you everyday until the issues were resloved. Below are the details from Paypal. If you are going to make a complaint, make sure it is a legitamate one.

    We're processing a refund to the buyer.
    What happens next
    When the refund is complete, this case will be closed.
    Supporting documents
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    Notes to PayPal (2)
    Notes to PayPal Date Sent Subject
    May 16, 2009 refund sent
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    View dispute comments
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    May 14, 2009 - PayPal: Phone call with buyer
    May 11, 2009 - Seller: Refund initiated
    May 11, 2009 - PayPal: Email sent to seller
    May 11, 2009 - PayPal: Email sent to buyer
    May 11, 2009 - Buyer: Complaint Case filed
    Back to Resolution Center

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    goodeni May 20, 2009

    LuxuryLocs.Net needs to be put out of business. They are dishonest and out to rip people out of their hard earned money. I ordered hair from them totalling $276 on 4/30/09 that was to reach me in 3-4 business days. It is now 20 days later and I have yet to receive my hair. Luckily I paid through Paypal and I have filed a claim with them in order to get my money back. There is no customer service availabe at LuxuryLocs, Net EXCEPT for when it is time to take your order. They do not return phone calls and they have the nerve to state that they are happy to hear from "you" the customer. They issue bogus tracking numbers through UPS and USPS that NEVER show any tracking history. NEVER will I EVER deal with these crooks again! BEWARE!!!

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    magdalen May 12, 2009

    I am so glad I read this before LUXURYLOCS scammed me, I ordered hair form them on 4/27/2009, on the 26th i decided to check reviews on them and was I shocked al the compliants! so I called them to find out why all the compliants I was not very welcomed for masking this question I was told that some people just like to complain, afew hrs mlater they informed me that they are cancelling my order (thank God) because they wouldn't want an unhappy customer! lol ok so now where is my refund remeber this was on 4/27/2009

    i ordered the hair with a mpaypal link they sent to me using 2 credit cards one for $85 and another one for $200 they refunded the one for $85 but this mis the email i recieved from pay pal for the $200

    >> Date: Fri, 1 May 2009 05:22:05 -0700
    >> Subject: Refund failed
    >> To: [email protected]
    From: [email protected]
    >> The refund sent by april french ([email protected]) did not
    >> clear from the sender's bank. You have not received funds for this
    >> payment in your PayPal account.
    >> Please contact april french regarding this refund.

    When i contacted them about this they talked to me as if i was lying then i was put to work, i was told to call paypal i did then Renne i guess the better of the 2 scam arists told me to avoid al this she would msend me a check m instead i called her on May the 8th and lo and behold everyone in the dept that is the check issuing dept left early, annd she would call me first thing in the morning on Mon the 11th she did not I calle she was there but stepped out i called at about 4pm. I called her again she was furious because i called paypal and they had to pay me

    again I want to thank you for having complained here

    where did you end up buying your hair from? .

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