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Complaints & Reviews


They told me they restock the items returned... i.e. Sell again... Supposedly just the ones still sealed. I think there are health laws about that. I knew a lady years ago who would use a product, then perfectly replace the "seal" so precisely that no one would knowdeceptive,
Deceptive?!? They wouldn't post my honest review. Their website boasts 5 stars out of 5 stars based upon 700+ reviews… is that possible? Not even one review with a tiny complaint that would bump it down to 4 stars... Nope
3.7 stars was the best overall review I found for their product on other review sites
Money back guarantee fine print when I asked how/where to return….. They told me they had tried to be transparent about this "money back guarantee"... Smoking mirrors. You can get your money back on one product sealed minus the return shipping charges and some kind of charge for the other product opened or not.
My experience
Purchased. Ads really catchy... Couldn't wait for my lume. Money back guarantee"in huge font at bottom of site with tiny print below that refers to link on next page - great but certainly I wouldn't need it, right? Who reads fine print when you expect to love the product?
Money back guarantee (ha) nightmare. Both the lume roller and the lume tube sold as a set. I followed the directions perfectly. Each time I used it I would get a terrible headache. No big deal, probably allergic to the scent (all natural??? Hummm). Mainly, my underarms & especially my"lady parts"underwear look like I have lady part dandruff yuk, yuk, yuk?!? The product looks like powder when it dries... No problem…money back guarantee, right?!? Fine print based on"policy" a small portion of money refunded and the next clueless consumer gets my rejected product restocked

  • Updated by Tammy L Chase · Feb 12, 2020

    I've paid for my order & I have not received it. Please send me my order.

  • Ta
    Tammy L Chase Feb 18, 2020

    I was sent someone else's order. Please send me my own dang order that I paid for.
    Tammy L Chase

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