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I bought a lululemon jacket that was pilled and frayed after one wash. When I tried to return it to the store, a refund was denied despite selling me a defective product that could not withstand one handwash. They still had the same jacket on the rack at full price when I attempted to return it. They kept referring back to their return policy that requires tags and a receipt. After much haggling, that this did not fall under the same category since their product was defective, I finally did get a refund. This was after complaints to the BBB, their corporate office, and the store manager. I agree that no one should support Lululemon. There are plenty of other places to get good quality workout clothing (that can withstand one wash) without all the hassle if there is a problem with the product. I know of two other people who have also had problems with their product pilling after one or two wears.


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    HayAndOats Mar 28, 2011


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    HayAndOats Mar 28, 2011

    I have never had a problem and have been wearing lululemon for over five years. I take care of my clothes, and wear them to work out in, and they look great. Maybe your dog chewed it.

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    AngelaSanJose Jun 03, 2016

    Before Lululemon became a public company, they dedicated their business to pleasing their clients in making quality fitness clothing for their loyal customers. Their styles and quality of fabric qualified for the high price they charge for a pair of yoga / pilates pants. They created a 'dance' line that added just a little bit more style to the dull workout pants everyone else carries. The quality of their jackets made and fabric surpasses anything they have now in the store. I have pieces from their earlier lines that I treasure, when I visit their stores now I walk away empty handed because their 'fabric' is definitely different than what it was before but the prices are even more, not to mention their styles are dull and boring! They claim nothing has changed, but I have the items to prove it!

    I will never purchased a piece of Lululemon's items because they have become mainstream for the bottom line. They are no longer living up to their hype. Do some research for other brands that are out there. There is plenty.

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