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My son, who is mentally challenged, used my card, and my sisters card, to buy points, which he didn't realize he was using money! I played this site several months ago, and my info was in it. What I don't understand is how he was able to use my sisters capital One card. Three hundred dollars!I think I've sent everything and then it's not right, and have to repeat it over and over again! Please, I need help! I call and it sounds like a Jerbble answering the phone. I asked them to call me because I am a novice on the PC.
Linda Solinski
screenname [protected]
I went next door to play rummy with my sister. When we came home we caught him red handed! He thinks he was winning points. He didn't realize he was losing money.
I keep writing LLSlots, but I have a hard time following what they were telling me to do. They have my info from before and said once they got my info I wouldn't have to submit it again!

Oct 05, 2019

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