Loral LangemeierFalse Earning Claims


Where to start!?... There is so much fraud & lies connected with Loral Langemeier that I will focus on just a few main points. This message is a little long but if you or anyone you know has been duped by this Lady please read and I hope that from what I share many of you will know what to do to get your money back.

Everything at that company is a scam and a lie that is used to get you to buy into a bigger lie and scam so that you will spend more money. They have the "2k scholarship program", 100k challenge, coaching, and now they lure people to get money through a company called seedcapital.com. The best are the live-events where they have fake people acting like clients claiming to be making money so that when the sales guys call you back to up-sell you, it's much easier to convince you to buy. Like the "3 Days to Cash" or "Make New Money" events.

The 1st step is to get you in their "FUNNEL". That can be by purchasing a book which is "FREE" plus shipping of course. LOL. Or you fill out information online so that they can contact you. You can also sign up for live events like 3 Days To Cash, Make New Money, Lorals Big Table, or Head Of The Table. Any of these methods allows you to enter into their sales funnel. Once in the funnel now they look at every which way possible to sell you.

Loral's all-time favorite is the "100k Challenge" which used to cost 5k then 6k and now its up to almost 9k. Here they promise to make you 100 thousand dollars of new money or your money back. They claim that to date no one has ever received their money back. That part is true because prior to joining the program you sign this ridiculous contract which is intended for you to fail. They know that no one will ever be able to follow through and therefore, no one can ever get their money back.

Loral loves the 100k challenge because its easy money. She doesn't have to spend a bunch of money on her staff because you are left to you own devices and of course no one is able to meet the requirements and she never has to give a dime of that money back.

The new big thing there right now is their "business funding". They partnered up with a company called seedcapital.com. Seed helps clients get 10's of thousands of dollars by having them sign up for numerous credit cards. Seedcapital.com has gotten very good at knowing how to fill out these credit card applications and what lies to put down so the client can get quick approvals. Then the client is up sold by Lorals sales guys. The best part of all of this is that the client is told that according to Federal guidelines they must commit to using 50% of the money that they receive from Seed Capital to invest with Loral because this is a business loan. If a client backs out after getting the funding the sales guys are then instructed to lie to the client and tell them that if they don't use the funds for the business then Seed Capital will come back and take all of the funding back. Which this is a COMPLETE LIE!!!

Also Loral has figured out a quick way to make an extra few thousand off each client by adding ridiculous fees on top of what Seed charges the client. If you don't believe me just go to seedcapital.com and apply for the funds without going through Loral and see what happens. Don't disclose what you know or that you are part of Loral's Scam. I was trying to get my refund back a few months ago and was told that I could not due to the fact that there was no money in her accounts to process my refund. Now does that sound like a wealth builder to you????

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