Loot CrateI have no idea how to cancel my membership!

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Don't use their subscription! I subscribed and ordered few things from Loot Crate website. But they charged me for another month without my permission and they keep sending me new boxes! I sent them numerous messages and asked them to stop sending me boxes but it seems like they don't even read my messages! They took my money again and I have no idea how to stop this madness! I want to cancel my subscription!!


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      Jun 07, 2017

    My boyfriend cancelled his subscription two months ago. Today, he got charged $20 for another box. I knos it has been over a year ago, but did you ever find a way to cancel it permantely. Are you still getting charged?

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  • J
      Jun 15, 2017

    Me too. They won't stop sending me crates. I try every month to stop them.

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  • i m having the same problem and im tired of getting charged!!!

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  • D
      Aug 31, 2017

    @x marks the spot (we are toxic) Close your checking account with the bank and reopen a new different number checking account and file identity theft online .

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  • H
      Sep 27, 2018

    same exact hell i'm going through right now. cannot believe they are saying the exact same thing. i've tried to cancel 3x now. my friend (it was a gift) has sent back the box. no refunds, refuse to apologize, just keeps saying same thing "you can sign in and unsubscribe, you've past the renewal date so it's automatic"

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  • M
      Jun 04, 2019
    Loot Crate - Loot crate loot anime
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    My shipments are not coming in. They keeping moving my shipment dates. I want my shipments or I want my money back.

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  • M
      Jun 26, 2019

    Just to let you know, if any of you paid via Amazon Pay (which was one of Loot Crate's payment options), there's hope! They kept pushing the shipment date back, over and over again, just for my first box. I contacted their customer support, but got nowhere -- their email responses sounded automated and there was no way to speak to a live person. (I called two phone numbers I found associated with Loot Crate, but one led to a dead line and the other went straight to a voicemail that didn't even identify who or what company it belonged to.) I was so frustrated, I thought about going to Loot Crate's headquarters in Pasadena (a 45 min. drive for me) and try to get it resolved in person. But I pictured them calling security and the whole scenario going wrong. Anyway, I remembered I'd used Amazon Pay and called Amazon to see if they could help, and it was such a relief because they could. They sent an inquiry to Loot Crate on my behalf to see if that would light a fire under them, and now I'm just waiting a few days to see if they'll respond in some way. Because it's late in my case (my shipment had already been pushed back 2 months when I finally contacted Amazon today), if Loot Crate doesn't resolve the issue by either shipping my package or giving me a full refund, I'll have to file a dispute with my bank. But if you do notify Amazon 15 days after the transaction date, you have 90 days to file an "A-Z Claim" through your Amazon account page and they'll step in to refund your money. Since I'd also heard about people being charged for subscriptions they'd cancelled, I wanted to make sure that didn't happen, and Amazon walked me through how to prevent that by following some steps on the Amazon Pay page of my account. Call their customer support for help and details. I know this doesn't help much for people who paid by straight credit card (probably a matter of filing a dispute with your cc company), but I wanted to put this out there so others know they have some recourse and don't have to deal with the terrible thing Loot Crate has become. Good luck!

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