LongHorn Steakhousemrgerman, the manager on duty sunday evening

A Sep 11, 2018

We arrived at 5:19, was sit down immediately but was 15 minutes before we was waited on, which I understand because they just switched shifts, the lady took our drink order brought us bread which we had to wait on because there was none done. There was 5 of us there I ordered my salad with no tomatoes or cucumbers, my salad held everything up because it was special. Took forever!!! My brother ordered a prime rib, after 30 minutes of us ordering the waitress tells us that the prime rib is not suitable to serve and would a ribeye be ok. My brother said that's gonna take more time so no he didn't want to do that, then the waitress said oh no they have done out the ribeye on to cook. So he took it, my thing is what if he didn't want a ribeye. So we waited again for everyone's food to get there then I asked for the manager. I distinctly told him I didn't feel as if it was the waitress fault because tables around us was complaining, but I said to him we had been there for 2 hours and he proceeds to tell me it takes time to prepare the food and on and on then asked him why did he just assume my brother wanted a ribeye and he then says it's compatible to a prime rib!!! No it's not!! So I do no he made that decision. He should have at least asked before he did that.. the waitress then comes over and I tell her that I told the manager that I didn't feel as if it was her fault but he had already fussed at her to the point she was in tears... he was a real ass and I just didn't appreciate anything he said or did... I love longhorns and want to continue to eat there but I won't as long as he is there

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