Long & Foster Home Warrantyhome warranty policy

K Sep 07, 2018

I purchased a home in early 2018, at which time I also purchased the Long & Foster Home Warranty policy. My furnace started having issues at which time I placed a claim and and a licensed and insured technician came out to evaluate. It was found that the access panel had a loose door, which they denied due to the fact that it did not deal with the functionality of the furnace. Keep in mind they checked the heat exchanger and found it NOT to have any cracks.

Several weeks later I was having others issues with the furnace. I placed another claim and the technician came out to my home. At this time they determined that the heat exchanger cracked and would need to be replaced. They declined this claim as well, stating that it was their "belief" that it was cracked when I bought the home. Up to this point, they have continued to deny the claim even though they have both reports to prove the crack did not exist to begin with.

My most recent communication with customer service has been unfriendly, and that is putting it mildly.

Please, do not waste your money! I strongly urge you to go with a reputable company with good customer service.

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