Logitech Glogitech g903

So basically i ordered a G903.
Arrived with no seal and damaged!
Requested a new one. Was waiting for about a month.
Then received my replacement and it was the older G903 model with the PWM sensor.
Waited another 10 days and i had to email them again just for them to reply back that i have to send the wrong replacement back so they can send me the new one.
They just replied: You will ""soon"" receive a UPS e-label to send the wrong replacement back so we can issue a new one.
Of course i didn't accept that and asked for a full refund.
Since the mistake is theirs i won't leave my job so i can find boxes just to send the wrong replacement back.
Is been 5 days am still waiting for an answer.
P.S Am still waiting also for the e-label email.

Worst support by far!
Never buying Logitech products again!

Oct 04, 2019

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