Little Playlandwhole company

C Sep 01, 2018

I purchased the multipurpose cleaner off their Facebook website. I paid through PayPal and some how the address was changed to my prior address. I noticed right away. Sent an email to their customer support within 5 minutes so they could fix it with the proper address. I received an auto-reply telling me a customer service rep would be in touch. Well 48 hours later that Monday morning I got a reply stating that nothing could be done because it wasn't fixed within 24 hours of the mistake. Which was bull [censored] because I did! Well I replied with if I'm not able to get the package that I purchased then I wanted to cancel my order and get my money back. I keep getting the auto-reply stating a ticket # has been created!

Guys we need to do something about this company! We need to take them down for taking advantage of us! Any ideas??? I'll definitely do it

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