LiquorLand Australiarefusal of service

Tried calling their customer service line to discuss my complaint, but after 20 minutes on hold, gave up and came on here instead. I have just had one of the most humiliating experiences at the Banora Village store. I very rarely drink alcohol, but decided a celebratory drink was in order this evening. I went into the store at about 7.40pm with my 13 year old son. I spent about 10 minutes perusing the various Vodkas and finally settled on a 4 pack of sugar free Smirnoff Ice drinks. I had my son hold these whilst I fished around in my bag for my purse and phone and then I took the drinks to the counter. The young lady (who didn't look much older than my son!) asked for my son's ID. I explained he was 13 and I was buying the drinks for me. She then proceeded to tell me in an accusatory tone that my son had "touched" the alcohol, and "showed an interest" in the alcohol. He held it momentarily whilst I located my purse and phone from my bag! I politely asked what she meant and she then stood back and condescendingly said: "It is against the law for me to sell you that alcohol now". I can only assume she believed I planned on supplying my 13 year old son with alcohol. I am a 41 year old, law abiding professional woman. To have this young lady loudly declare that she "could not" sell me the alcohol as it was against the law for her to do so, was degrading to say the least. I left with this young lady staring me down like I was some kind of degenerate criminal. I drove 2 minutes up the road to my local BWS, took my son in with me and purchased my drinks there. I relayed what had happened in the Liquorland store moments earlier and the sales assistant was gobsmacked and then quoted the law telling me that provided the minor was in the care of a guardian, they were permitted in the store and could hold the alcohol within the store. I found Liquorland's staff members' accusations to be defamatory to say the least. I'm so embarrassed I doubt I will be able to step foot in a Liquorland store again, for fear that I will once again be reprimanded for nothing more than innocently purchasing a few drinks on a Saturday night!

Nov 09, 2019

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