LiquorLand Australiapoor customer service

I went into the store this morning around 10am with my 13 year old daughter. She was looking at pretty champagne bottles and then picked one up. After a number of minutes I chose a bottle to purchase and then went to the liqueur area and I also looked there for a number of minutes before finally choosing a bottle. When I went to the counter after asking a question about the sizing of the liqueur bottle. I placed both articles on the counter to pay for the them. My daughter was then asked by the girl for ID. She was obviously underage. I advised the girl of this and then she refused to serve both of us. I get that my daughter can't purchase alcohol but I feel that the way she handled it was not the best way. Can I make a suggestion in the future if the assistant sees this occur that she goes upto the person and advises them nicely that she can't touch the merchandise rather then let the buyer spend 10-15 in the store choosing their purchases knowing full well that she was never going to be allow me to purchase them in the end. Wasted my time and could have been handled much better - some lessons in customer service and how this was handled is needed by this particular shop assistant. 10am Sunday 06.10.19 @ Garden City.

Oct 05, 2019

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