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LinkedinLinkedin customer service/technical

Linkedin was hacked and my data was stolen by another user-contacts and content

I have called and emailed with linkedin for 6 months and my information is still with another user. Below is the latest email I sent linkedin customer service. They do not listen to what you say. They are incompetent!

Let me lay it all out again for you to better understand. I am asking that we speak since so much is being lost in the written word

1. My linkedin was hacked and someone stole my content and contacts (6 months ago)
2. I sent linkedin a message letting them know this and nothing was done proactively to correct this (4 times over 6 months)
3. I researched until I found the guy that has my entire profile—content and contacts (Took me 1 month to do since linkedin did not do)
- his name is wayne (Steven) power
4. I sent this to linkedin and you said you would have to investigate
5. I sent you my passport and several other items to confirm I am who I say I am
6. You sent me an email saying for me to confirm my password on my account, saying I am wayne! Not accurate. My name is dr. Steven a. Seay
7. I again sent you an email saying I am not this guy and to restore my account to its previous status.
8. I received another email from you saying you are going to close my account!

Here is what I want to happen:
1. Restore my account (I sent you 9 screen shots of what my account used to look like and is now being used by someone else)
- this includes content and contacts

2. Delete wayne (Steven) power's account as it is not his, it is mine. He is a fraud and does not exist. He is using my account to email my contacts for money

What do we need to do to make this any easier for you to understand? Are all customers treated like I am being treated? Is linkedin racist anf treating me like this because I am a person of color?

Dr. Steven seay

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    • Ch
      chesstmx Jul 20, 2016
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      Esta persona envia solicitudes de contacto en linkedin para reclutamiento.

      Despues envia un correo de un supuesto saldo de una cuenta de banco a favor tuyo que se otorga porque un cliente fallecio.

      Datos con los que se presenta:
      Rosmawati Binti Ismail
      Executive Assistant at Capgemini
      Greater New York City Area

      Correo que usa:
      [email protected]

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    LinkedinCorporate Services

    If you are considering using any of the paid linkedin services, let me stop you from making this mistake.

    After entering an agreement with them to help grow our business and paying them close to $11k, our experience with their development team has been abysmal, the results our company saw from their supposed services were non existent, and after numerous requests to speak with members of their staff to review our service agreement we received absolutely no response.

    Linkedin was not responsive to multiple requests from my company for servicing, we failed to receive a single lead from our investment, and when we asked linkedin for a review of the services multiple times there was never a response.

    By choosing to use their services we invested a great deal of capital (Specifically $10, 580.76) and time into what we were sold from them. After we signed the contract and paid the money, the only time we ever heard from them was when they were asking for more money. We cut our losses and ceased using their services due to lack of results and no communication on their part.

    About a year after we ceased using their services, we began to receive collection calls from linkedin.In our communications with them we requested verification of the debt, a copy of the original contract, a list of leads generated by their services for us and made the offer to enter into mediation on what linkedin considered still owing to them from us as the contract with them required.

    We made this request on multiple occasions and were never provided anything. I thought it was odd that they were not willing to provide any documentation so we continued to call their offices and left messages. We never received a response from linkedin regarding our requests, just more collection calls demanding money.

    It eventually got to the point that we told linkedin we wanted a refund for the monies that were already paid to them. We also again told them that we were happy to enter into mediation with them regarding this matter. After this we received no further communications until they sent their goons from a law firm, law office of kenneth freed to harras us. These guys had no interest in resolving the matter, called us all sorts of names and told us we were "ridiculous" for not just paying the second half of an agreement that linkedin never fulfilled.

    I would not recommend this company to anybody for their paid services. Try calling their offices and see what happens! They robbed us out of close to $11k, refused any accountability, and then they came looking for more money. When their only response is "because you signed on the dotted line", sorry but your contract does not give you the right to defraud businesses out of thousands of dollars.

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      LinkedIn CorporationOnline networking / marketing website

      Linkedin corporation gets rid of people for any reason... And they lie too!

      I was a legitimate member of linkedin with a profile for several years, however, during the past year, they have illegally, purposely and deliberately blocked my account with no honest reason given!

      I know that I did nothing illegal on their website!

      The only thing that I did was contact other members which is what you are supposed to do when you are legitimately networking and send out only legitimate messages to other members like myself and it was up to the other members if they wanted to communicate with me and/or be my friend or not!

      Question: what is wrong or illegal with that?

      Answer: ask the linkedin court of law?

      It was the same as when I would receive their messages asking me the same thing to be their friend and of course, it was my choice of whether I wanted to accept them or not!

      This honest way of communicating on linkedin seemed to bother the people who help run their website and they would come back to me and tell me to only add people who know me which is so stupid and ridiculous because I was getting tons of friendship and/or business requests from people on linkedin and I never let it bother me since linkedin is a networking website and their sole purpose of their existance is to allow their members to network with one another!

      It is a personal choice to become someones's friend or not and this is certainly not a legal, nor legitimate reason to block somebody's account if somebody does not respond back to me and/or does not wish to be my friend and/or networking connection on linkedin.

      In any case, these losers blocked my account and refused to let me create another account.

      Believe me, I have tried!

      Please note: whenever I contact them to ask them to fix my account, they respond by giving me a form letter without the true reason of why they blocked my account?

      Of course, they never tell the truth!

      Please note: I hope you do not think that linkedin offers real live, customer service help on the phone or via chat?

      Answer: maybe in the next lifetime!

      Please note: remember, they can get rid of you for any reason... Without telling you the true reason!

      Not only that, but they also illegally stole my profile that I created and never gave it back to me!

      I did ask for my profile back on numerous occasions and they have refused to send it back to me!

      Today, being wednesday, may 11, 2016, I just had enough with them and their abuse, lies, games, etc. And so I wrote them a letter today on their website and told them that if they are going to keep on discriminating and prejudicing me like they have been doing so far by illegally preventing me from creating and/or using my previous profile on linkedin and refusing to return my profile that I wrote about myself back to me, then I will take them to small claims court and we can deal with it there.

      I also told them that I am publishing several negative reviews about them on many social media websites with documentation so that everybody knows what they did to me and can therefore see linkedin's true colors from my experience and perspective!

      Enclosed, in the attachments, please find seven (7) pages of communications letters and/or documentation that I have had with linkedin for your review and further reference. Thank you.

      Final thoughts: thank god I do not make money from linkedin or else it would be a major disaster, but I will see them in small claims court in order to recover my profile that I created and wrote!

      Linkedin really sucks!

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        Linkedin.comCustomer service

        Either is operated by robots or folks who have no understanding of the english language. I was updating a friends account that somehow had 2 linked in profiles. The email address was known on the profile we wished to delete, the email was not known on the profile we wanted to keep.

        I screen shot both profiles, marked one as keep and the other one as delete, then instructed them to assign the known email address to the profile we wanted to keep. No less than 10 messages later after they continuously asked which profile would you like to keep and which to delete, they delete the profile we asked them to keep. Instructions were as plain as the nose on your face and they could not follow directions to save their life. We ended up having to delete the profile they kept and start from scratch. If linked in was not so vital to ones professional image, I would have nothing to do with them.

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          I have a small business and I decided to advertise a job opportunity on LinkedIn. They had a guarantee that you would get your $300.00 back if you get atleast 1 applicant after 30 days. 30 days later, I had 2 applicants, but now they are refusing to give me a refund. I was told they never mentioned anything about giving back the money. I told that it is written on their site, but they just ignored me. Companies who use fine print and technicalities to get out of their "guarantee" promises have no business making false promises. I will never use this website again and if you also have a small business then go another direction.

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            Linkedin — Jamal I hasan

            My complaint is for a jamal I hasan he works at suntrust 1801 west broad street and had linkedin account and...

            Linkedin — Billing

            I am really pissed up with linkedin, I just signed up and the site told me try one month premium and I signed...

            Linkedin — Fraud and horrible customer service

            LinkedIn has restricted my account without proof. Their barely coherent customer service messages merely say...

            The complaint has been investigated and
            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
            Linkedin.com — business

            hello im mohammad from iran contect people world and the time best add working [protected]@gmail.com

            The complaint has been investigated and
            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
            Linkedin.comThey harvest emails and continuously send notifications after you delete your account

            LinkedIn harvests your private emails and sends you bogus notifications even AFTER you delete your profile. I had to delete my profile after a short time because they sent me emails to my brand-new work email that I hadn't had for even a week, almost causing me to lose my brand new job in a high security position. Even my own mother doesn't have access to that email, but LinkedIn harvested it within a few days of its existence without my consent or knowledge. Last week I got an "invitation" - which was also sent to my private work email that they were never given - from the person who had my job before me. I am absolutely certain that this person would not invite me to be her friend, uh because I have her job now!? Had to have our IT tech block their URL from our servers at my office because of security breach. LinkedIn is nothing but a scam to harvest your private, unpublished emails and sell your information to third parties. There is a reason they don't have a phone number, because it's a scam and scammers don't want you to call. They still continued to send me notifications months after I deleted my profile. They pretend to do something to resolve the issue "send us this, send us that, blah blah blah" but they never do. Finally had to also block all their "do-not-reply" addresses from all of my private emails as well, even the emails I never gave them.They are stalkers. Check around on other sites on the web, they have a terrible customer service rating and I believe they are currently involved in a class-action for this very reason of unauthorized use of private, unpublished emails. They are unbelievable. Wish I had never heard of them.

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              • Sh
                Sharron Ming Oct 15, 2015
                This comment was posted by
                a verified customer
                Verified customer

                Linkedin.com is CONSTANTLY sending me job posts - I am retired & am NOT interested. Tried to UNSUBSCRIBE & have my contact details DELETED but to no avail - they keep on sending their ADVERTISING PARAPHERNALIA about job posts available.

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              • Ma
                Manoj Kumar Selvaraj Jul 10, 2014

                I am Manoj, May-June month i got the free subcription of Linkedin Premium, but June End you people automatically detected without any notification. After giving all details also they are not providing the money.

                Reference Linkedin Ticket Number - [protected]

                Contact :
                [email protected]

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              • Jo
                Jovy Jun 02, 2014
                This comment was posted by
                a verified customer
                Verified customer

                To whom it may concern :I am Jovy Madariaga .This serves as a request for cancellation on my availment of Linkedin Premium .I haven't received any information that it will be continued and will be charged on my account.I had just validated it today when I read my statement .Please have the deduction you made on my account reversed .BR, Jovy

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              • Sc
                Scame Aug 21, 2012
                This comment was posted by
                a verified customer
                Verified customer

                I was just sent an invitation to connect with (which means you have to join) a former university instructor on Linkedin. It has become known as a site for professional job seekers and responsible employers to connect. What a surprise--when you join, it brings up people you might know already on its site--and there was SoftRock and its top three, owner Alex Difrawi, the girl who contacts you and sets up intervews, and a manager who guides you through setting up using your OWN e-mail to place phony ads for online universities that are ripping off US military for their education grants. People who join LinkedIn think they are joining an ultra professional site, but obviously anybody can call themselves anything and join so after seeing Defrawi on there, I have changed my mind and might unjoin it.

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              • Ku
                Kubrine Jul 01, 2010
                This comment was posted by
                a verified customer
                Verified customer

                LinkedIn disabled my account because they claimed i visited several thousand profiles a day. So instead of contacting me the disable my account, they could have looked and seen that i have been a member for 3+ yrs with no issues.

                Contacted support and tooks about 2 weeks for them to get back to me.

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              The complaint has been investigated and
              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
              Shikha Mathur (Indian Recruiter) / LinkedInShikha Mathur (Indian Recruiter) - Linkedin

              Shikha mathur - linkedin

              Shikha mathur from linkedin is sending out a massive amount of cut-and-paste spam with very bad, broken english.

              This is not something I expect for a recruiter from linkedin in mountain view, california.

              Shikha mathur: sr. Technical recruiter at linkedin (Smathur [at] linkedin.com)

              S has been on linkedin for two years now 2010 - present. Previously shikha mathur was at yahoo! Where she lasted only a few months before she was sent out packing.

              Don't spam me and learn to write english.

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                The complaint has been investigated and
                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                Wony Shin / LinkedInIphone apps fraud

                Linkedin id:-

                wony shin
                iPhone Application Development Talent
                Zhuhai, Guangdong, China Computer Software

                The above fraud person - odesk ID as follows:-
                yongyong won -

                is a big time cheater. He is fraud and he cheated many customers on odesk. Since may, 2013 - Odesk blocked him from getting new projects. He is fraud, never trust his words.

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                  Linkedin — African scammers using fake profiles and photos of other users

                  Linkedin's customer service has ignored multiple requests (7 and counting) to have them delete and remove a...

                  Linkedin — Interference with my business, concerning my new website: www.andreahudsonpiano.me.uk

                  Well it is now 2.15 in the morning, and I was checking out my new website on my i phone. I noticed again that...

                  LinkedIn CorporationVisionaries

                  I worked at the LinkedIn offices in Mountain View after I'd taken some courses in technical writing and was committed to get going on a real career. A friend who worked there helped get me an interview, and I ended up with this group that was trying to get a new project off the ground. We were isolated in a little corner of the office on the third floor and only a few of us had contact with other people in the company. They gave me a desk and the HR people emailed me something about the health plan and then I was ready to go.

                  My manager was a fellow named Hayward who had been with the company long enough that he was given leeway to work on his own ideas. He had formed this new group and took me into his office on my first day and explained what we were trying to do.

                  "This is all about information flows, " Hayward told me. He played with a large plastic paperclip as he spoke. I sat down across from him, dutifully taking notes.

                  "Are you aware of the various theories out there concerning information flows?" Hayward then asked me.

                  "I don't believe so, " I told him.

                  "There was this fellow named Hastings who taught at Cambridge, " Hayward said. "He's retired now. Most of his work came out in the 1960s. But the thing is that it's still relevant today. Can you believe that?"

                  "I suppose he was a visionary, " I said.

                  "What's that?" Hayward said.

                  "He was a visionary, " I said. "He could understand what was going to happen to us in the future."

                  Hayward thought about that for a moment. "That's not it at all, " he then told me. "He wasn't some kind of fortune-teller."

                  "That's not what I was trying to say, " I told him.

                  "Yes it was, " Hayward said. "I know you think you understand how this sort of thing works. There are these geniuses sitting in their offices trying to figure out what's going to happen next. But that's not how the world works."

                  "Maybe I misspoke, " I said.

                  "No you didn't, " Hayward said. "I'm not trying to be critical here. But this is a common misconception. I'm really into this stuff, you know. I read extensively. And the thing is that Hastings and people like him aren't into this notion of predicting the future. That's what the newspapers want you think. What they do is look at present circumstances and then they try to make sense of them. They see things that the rest of us don't. They look like 'visionaries', to use your word, because their findings are still relevant to us today."

                  "I suppose that makes sense, " I said.

                  "The world isn't changing as quickly as people like to think, " Hayward said. "Do you understand what I'm saying here?"

                  "I guess I'm still trying to make sense of it all, " I said.

                  "I'll give you his book, " Hayward said. "Remind me when we're done here. The point I'm trying to make is that the work we do here is very much based off of Hayward's ideas. What we want to do is control the flow of information inside a sub-network. That would be a network inside a network. We want people to be able to exchange information and disseminate it efficiently. Of course you'll have to talk to the developers to get an idea of exactly what's going on. And we have one writer with us already. So we're not throwing you in the deep end here."

                  "I can get up to speed quickly, " I said. "I promise you that."

                  "I hope so, " Hayward said. "I heard good things about. I guess the issue is that we operate under a different philosophy as compared to the rest of the company. So maybe that's why we seem to have our wires crossed here."

                  "I think I just misspoke, " I told him. "Earlier on, I mean."

                  "People don't misspeak, " Hayward said. "That word should be stricken from the language. It doesn't even make any sense."

                  "Maybe you're right, " I said.

                  "I almost forgot, " Hayward said. He spun his chair around and reached over to a bookshelf he had beside his desk. He pulled out a thick hardcover and then turned back around and handed it to me. "Read what you can tonight, " he said.

                  The book had a blue jacket with a very plain cover. The title was printed in typewriter-style letters. It read, "Information Landscapes." Underneath it, in a smaller but identical font, was the author's name: "Robert Hastings". Underneath his name was a photograph of a film reel. That was it in the way of decorative touches.

                  "I'll get through it as quickly as I can, " I said.

                  Hastings waved a hand dismissively. "Read what's relevant, " he said. "This isn't a detective novel."

                  I spent most of the rest of the day meeting with other people on the team. When I got home that night I flipped through the book. The text was small, and there were tables and charts all over the place. I tried to find something that interested me. I turned to a chapter entitled, "A Brief History of Interactions", which was somewhere in the middle of the book. I copied down a section of what I read here to show to Hayward the next day. I still have a printed copy of what I wrote that day, which I'll cite below:

                  "Imagine having a conversation on the telephone. How does it work? The phone rings. You answer it. Hopefully the person on the other line is someone you know. You talk. When you're finished talking, you hang up. Is that it? Well, not quite.

                  "When most people think of phone calls, they think of themselves talking to some other person via a receiver that they hold in their hand. But is that all there is to it?

                  "Here is a question to ask yourself: why do we feel the need to have phone conversations in the first place? What is the point?

                  "You might tell me that certain conversations are important. A family member calls you up with news. This news could be good or bad. If it is bad, we probably need to act about the information we receive.

                  "Or you might tell me that certain conversations are frivolous. A friend phones you up and you talk about your day. Such conversations may last an hour or more. The information we receive during the course of such a conversation is typically not particularly important. That is to say, we do not need to act based on what we hear.

                  "You might think that these two examples represent entirely different modes of discourse. This would be a false assumption. The fact is that both conversations were goal-based. This is an important point to remember.

                  "In both examples, the goal was to impart information. In the first example the goal was to pass along information to be acted upon. In the second instance, the goal was more subtle. You and a friend exchange stories about your life experiences, thereby strengthening the friendship.

                  "This is what we need to remember, then: a telephone call is a goal-based activity.

                  "Communication is not always conducted in such a straightforward manner. Consider the example of a medieval village. The main gathering point for people in such an environment was the local church. When we think of church today we think of a place where we go to hear a priest or a minister speak while we listen in silence. But a church in the Middle Ages was more akin to a community centre. The priest did his preaching, of course. But often he had to shout over those who had gathered before him, as they were engaged in other conversations. Often he had to admonish his flock for not paying attention to him. In any event, people would gather long after a sermon was complete to keep on talking.

                  "Such exchanges differ markedly from telephone conversations. For example, they are not initiated by individuals. Rather, they are initiated by circumstances. You can call up a family member or friend whenever you'd like, within reason. But medieval villagers did not have this luxury. Instead, they had to talk to one another only when an opportunity presented itself. Since villagers were obligated to go to church, the church itself became the ideal forum for exchanging information.

                  "Moreover, the process of information exchange in such a setting was decidedly not goal-based, at least not overtly. Unlike with a telephone call, conversations began almost by accident. You might run into a few people you know well, greet them, and begin talking with them. You likely do not have a set agenda in mind regarding what you would like to talk about, since you cannot foresee the groupings that will emerge when an entire population of villagers gets together. That is to say, even though everyone is gathered in one place, such large groups have a tendency to hive off into smaller sub-groups. Such sub-groups are formed virtually spontaneously based on who it standing where at what time. Therefore, you cannot plan in advance what you are going to say before entering such a setting, since you do now know who will form the other members of you sub-group until the very moment that it forms.

                  "It is these considerations that must be kept in mind when we think about a phone conversation. It is an entirely alien mode of communication as compared to a gathering in a medieval church, or other similar gatherings. It is a new way of communicating, with its own set of rules."

                  I did speak with Hayward again for another week or so. I was busy learning the fundamentals of my new job. But eventually he came to my desk and invited me to come back to his office for another chat. He told me to bring Hastings' book with me.

                  "So, I hope you're feeling comfortable here now, " he said to me as we sat down across from each other.

                  "Everyone is nice, " I said.

                  "Everyone is always nice, " Hayward said. "That's the nature of the modern workplace."

                  "Well, it makes things easier, " I said.

                  "In some ways it does, " Hayward said. "Mind you, I'm not trying to rock the boat on this particular issue. But there are management methods that I'd like to try out here that are out of style. Not that I think we shouldn't be friendly to one another. But when we make that a priority, we tend to discount certain techniques that are available to us to enhance efficiency."

                  "I suppose that makes sense, " I said. "I'm not overly sensitive or anything. You can say what you want to me."

                  "People like to say that, but it's rarely true, " Hayward said. "But let's move on. I assume you're been reading the book."

                  "It's interesting, but some of it goes over my head, " I said.

                  "That's to be expected, " Hayward said. "We're not in the right setting to study its contents appropriately."

                  "I think I'm done with it for now, " I said. "You can have it back if you'd like."

                  Hayward waved his hand at me again. "It's not some keepsake, " he said. "I know what you think. You've probably made jokes with the rest of them out there about me sleeping with this book under my pillow or something. But I don't worship the man. You could throw his book in the ocean for all I care. It's not the book itself that I prize."

                  "I think many people would still label him a visionary, " I said. "Perhaps you misunderstand the meaning of the word."

                  "I understand its meaning, " Hayward said. "But it's an incorrect application in this particular situation. It's an insult to call someone like Hastings a visionary."

                  "Maybe you're right, " I said.

                  "You don't have to say that, " Hayward said. "You can have your own opinions. I'm not asking for you to agree with me."

                  "Then I take it back, " I told him. "I believe that Hastings would be considered a visionary. Though I'm not sure if I would think of him that way."

                  "So you don't like the book, then, " Hayward said.

                  "Perhaps I don't understand it, " I said.

                  "Well, thank you for being honest, " Hayward said. "I mean it. Keep it up."

                  "I'll do my best, " I said.

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                    LinkedIn CorporationCharacters

                    I started working for LinkedIn Corporation after I moved down to San Jose. I had grown up in San Francisco and had lived there for my entire life, except for four years spent in Berkeley. The thing is that I would say that I was getting tired of the place, and maybe that would make sense. But the fact is that living there was beginning to make me feel physically tired, a phenomena for which I still cannot find a reasonable explanation.

                    I knew a lot of people, of course, since I was a native and there were always new folks streaming in desperate to find friends. But I cut back on my social commitments and my fatigue still grew worse. I went to my doctor who referred me to a sleep specialist who put me on a regular sleep schedule, even though I was pretty much on a regular sleep schedule to begin with. But that didn't help either. By the time it hit midday I could barely keep my head up. I didn't dare nap because of the sleep specialist's rules. Instead, I plugged on in agony until my proper bedtime.

                    The strange thing, however, is that once I moved to San Jose, this problem just went away. I noticed the difference right away. I rented an apartment in a new development near downtown. The company had built two apartment blocks and a strip of shops and restaurants across the street. We were sort of on an island, as the surrounding neighbourhood was still a bit dangerous. But I enjoyed the modernity of the place. Everything was new.

                    The LinkedIn people hired me because I'd done a lot of writing back in my old job in San Francisco, and they were looking to launch a new program for staffing agencies that would allow them to fine-tune the ways in which staffing agencies could search for prospective employees off of their website. LinkedIn offers all kinds of little services like this that you've never even heard of. I thought before that it was just a place where you'd put your resume online.

                    Anyway, the person in charge of this new initiative was a fellow named Kent, and there were about a half-dozen of us crammed together in a space on the second floor of the building. LinkedIn was one of those companies where you could see everyone else around you wherever you were working, but they built up big cubicle walls to hive off different project groups. So we had our own little habitat that was sectioned off from the rest.

                    I'm going on and on here, when I should be getting more to the point. I'd been with the company for about a month when Kent called me over to his desk and then led me to a meeting room on the far side of the building. "I hope the others didn't see us leave, " he said as we sat down.

                    "I'm sure they noticed, " I said. "But that doesn't mean they're thinking that anything strange is going on."

                    "Who said that anything strange was going on?" he asked me.

                    "I meant that hypothetically, " I said.

                    "What are people saying about me?" Kent said.

                    "Is that why you brought me here?" I asked.

                    "No, of course not, " Kent said. "But while we're on the topic, you know."

                    "Nobody says anything about you, as far as I know, " I said. "Except in the context of work-related issues."

                    "Nobody jokes around with me, " Kent said. "Did you notice that? In the last project I was involved with, there was a lot of joking around."

                    "I suppose it's a serious group, " I said. "I don't really know any of them well, now that you mention it."

                    "Maybe I should ask one of the others, if you're not close with any of them, " Kent said. "They all might be talking behind your back."

                    "It wouldn't bother my either way if they were, " I said.

                    "But I have to look out for my own reputation, " Kent said. "You can do whatever you want."

                    "I didn't know you were so concerned about such things, " I said.

                    "I'm not, " Kent said. "What I mean is that I don't mean to be. But there was someone who used to work here. A friend of mine named Brooks. I guess I wouldn't call him a friend. I don't know what I would call him. But we'd worked together on a lot of different things, and I thought he was a rising star. You know, he'd go out and give presentations to our big clients and that sort of thing. But then one day he just disappeared. That is to say, he sent around an email telling everyone that he had had a great time working here but that it was time to move on. You know, the usual thing people send when they go. But there was no notice whatsoever. And then I heard later on that people thought he was a 'problem'. That was the word they used. I mean all kinds of people thought he was a 'problem'. It was the same word over and over. People who worked with him and people who he worked for. I had no idea. You know, so that's why I'm concerned. Apparently I'm not very perceptive when it comes to these sorts of things."

                    "I can keep a closer eye on things, if you want, " I said. "Unless I have the same problem. I don't think I do, but I suppose I can't make any promises."

                    "I'd appreciate it, though, " Kent said. "We should meet again soon. Maybe we should make this a regular thing. I can trust you, right?"

                    "You can trust me, " I told him.

                    Part of our work involved the designing of "characters" that represented hypothetical individuals that a staffing company might find on LinkedIn's website. The idea was that an agency could build up a stable of "ideal" characters, and then refine their searches based on these imaginary people. We were supposed to be extremely specific in describing these characters, to the point of inventing little lives for them.

                    For example, I might begin writing a character with the following description: "Harold Hammond. 37 years old. Recently divorced. Harold had been married to his wife Sarah for five years. The met at college and he assumed that he had his whole life mapped out in front of him. He worked as a programmer for a software company in Palo Alto. His wife worked as a programmer as well, but then stayed home with the kids. They started to fight a bit more towards the end of their marriage, but Harold still did not assume that there was any serious trouble. But then one day he came home and Sarah sat him down and gave him a speech that she had obviously been preparing for years. It described his faults down to their last detail. It was then that Harold realized that he was in fact a rather lousy husband and father to his children. He worked too hard. After the divorce was finalized, he stayed on good terms with his ex-wife, and changed jobs so that he would be working less. Secretly he wished he could reconcile with Sarah, but he knew that that was never going to happen. He was happy enough to have straightened out his life, however. He was glad to be a better person."

                    I know this all sounds foolish, and maybe it was. But that's what the LinkedIn people wanted.

                    Kent indeed meet with me regularly to inquire about the overall morale of our group, and to make sure no specific complaints had been made about him. About six months in I could tell that he was becoming increasingly agitated. "I'm worried about the status of our project now, " he told me in the little meeting room where we always got together. "There used to be a lot of buzz about it. Do you remember that?"

                    "I'm not sure what you mean, " I said.

                    "I guess you weren't here yet, " Kent said. "But they used to bring me into meetings and have me help them refine the work that we were going to do. They kept telling me how important this was. It's still kind of a pilot project, you know. We're working with a few different agencies on this. But they told me that it could become a template for a whole new suite of products that they might offer. They were really excited about this. But now I hardly hear from anyone anymore. I met once a month with the higher-ups to tell them how things are going, but that's it. They haven't even asked me to write a progress report."

                    "I think things are still in the early stages, " I told him.

                    "It's not that, " he said. "I know that something's wrong. They've moved on to some other big idea, I'll bet. They're just letting us spin our wheels until they can think of something else for us to do."

                    "I enjoy the work, though, " I told him. "I have to admit that."

                    "I'm surprised to hear you say that, " Kent said. "I thought that this would all be a bit boring for you."

                    "Why would you say that?" I said.

                    "You wrote a lot of promotional material where you used to work, right?" Kent asked me.

                    "It was a marketing firm, so that's what I did, " I said. "Here, I do something else."

                    "I think I'm in the wrong business, " Kent said. "Maybe if I were in your shoes. I suppose I could see how this could be interesting. Your work is good. Your characters are among the best in the group. I probably shouldn't tell you that."

                    "I won't get a big head about it, " I told him.

                    "I took a marketing class in college, " Kent said. "That seems like forever ago."

                    "It was forever ago, " I said. "It was forever ago for all of us."

                    "Where did you go?" Kent asked me.

                    "Berkeley, " I said.

                    "It was Stanford for me, " Kent said.

                    "Impressive, " I said.

                    "I don't know, " he told me. "I remember walking through campus once and getting this strange sense that I had done something horribly wrong. You know, like I had ended up on a trajectory that was going to lead me to misery. But I'm not a miserable person. That's the thing."

                    "We could all be happier, " I told him. "Everyone thinks that they've made some big mistake in the past. That's the way it is."

                    "This project is getting shut down, " Kent said. "I'm telling you."

                    "It's no big deal, " I said. "They'll move us around. There's other work to do."

                    "You can say that, " Kent said. "I'll take all the blame for its failure. That's the problem."

                    Kent was right. A few months after that meeting the project was cancelled, and they moved us all around to different divisions. I stayed on at LinkedIn for a while, and then moved on to other things. I never saw Kent after they broke up the group. I don't even know if he was with the company when I left. I'm still free of the fatigue problem that plagued me in San Francisco, however. For some reason I was cured when I went to San Jose.

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