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a person on there is selling stuff I seen her on a site

There is a girl I followed and I seen her on a sight where you sell stuff she was selling everything she got from influenster and I feel theres others out there who wouldn't I only got 1 voxbox but I loved it and fun reviewing. She is abusing it. I just thought someone should know I dont think its right and I think you guys should know about it she cant give a real review on it if she sells it and doesnt try it at all. Not ok!! Well thanks for your time and again wanted someone to know.

a person on there is selling stuff I seen her on a site
a person on there is selling stuff I seen her on a site
a person on there is selling stuff I seen her on a site

influenster app not working properly

I have 2 different campaigns that I am trying to get done with from so many days. The 2 campaigns are -...

hair food virtual voxbox

I am so upset. I am taking part in the HairFood Voxbox. I keep getting an error message telling me they...


I didn't know how else to reach you about this, but I did a review and then a bonus review for loreal hair...


Why did you make your useless app? Everything used to be great until you did it. I've done so many tasks previously, but your app didn't count them. Why is that?
And moreover, nothing that I have done was counted as "finished". How can this be explained? It's very buggy, you just have no idea.
So many times I tried to contact them, but they keep ignoring me. For no reason. And yesterday, all o a sudden they just blocked me and suspended my account.
I just wasted my time (and years of using them).

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influenster application

Hi team,
I have been using Influenster application from a month now and this application crashes a lot. I can't post any question there .. I am trying to do that from yesterday. It throws an error everytime, sometimes it kicks out and application get closed by its own. FYI, I have already upgraded the version. But facing the same issue again and again.


I signed up because Ive always like to give my opinion on products. My 22 yr old daughter was getting samples left & right. I got my first campaigne right away...panty liners, really? I worked hard on the site & never received anything else no matter how hard I tried yet my daughter continued to get campaigne after campaigne. I decided to unsubscribe & removed myself from the site. To this day I still get emails. Today I got one that said thank you for doing the Tide Campaigne & for my feedback...wasn't me! I have no respect for fake sites!!


Fake review website

Don't trust Influenster! This website is full of fake reviews. There are actually writers who write tons of fake reviews just to earn some points. Everybody can be a part of this site and post some information. The bad part is that Influenster don't care about what people post. They need only new reviews and they don't care if they are true or fake. And many people read this and believe all these lies! That is very sad.

  • Al
    All hype Oct 21, 2018

    22 y.o.'s reviewing wrinkle blurring primers, how ridiculous. How about an honest review from a 60+ y.o. or do we already know these products deliver false promises.

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I didn't get box and all their promises were fakes

Don’t sign up for the website I subscribed for the trial, but it was waste of my money. The company charged me really fast and it was great, because they assured me that I would get the box soon. But I didn’t as well as I was sick of hearing some blah-blah from these guys. It was the worst deal ever. I haven’t faced such dishonest and unprofessional guys before. The company is terrible; therefore I would advise all people to stay away from them.

They started to take money completely for nothing

I signed up for the trial on the website It was scam, so stay away from them and post comments about your experience. I paid money for the trial, but these jerks started to take money from me completely for nothing. I wasted about $300 and no idea how to stop them. They ignored all my complaints. The worst company ever, so avoid these ### and post comments about your experience with them.

The rep promised to give me job, but he stopped to communicate

I filled the form on the website They offered to write reviews about the different...