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On 30/08, I found my LinkedIn account to be restricted and submitted the required ID verification ([Case: [protected]]). Prior to that, I was looking up my new colleagues for my upcoming job next week, just to be restricted for "unusual activity" (i.e. viewing 30 profiles in a day and sending 20 connection invites, which is way below the 200 per week limit). Isn't LinkedIn supposed to be for professional networking? Why are people penalized for being "too active" (in my case, barely)? Their team said they'd be in touch within 48 hours, and nobody has gotten back to me on their Twitter, Instagram or emails. A simple acknowledgement would have sufficed, but they have chosen not to even provide the bare minimum. In the midst of this, they have sent me promotional emails to buy LinkedIn Premium, proving that these are unethical business practices targeting free users to purchase premium plans by threatening them with restrictions if they don't do so. LinkedIn only cares about generating their profit, and not about their user experience and professional networking. My final ticket ([Case: [protected]]) got an auto-reply stating they will unrestricted after the temporary suspension period is over, but there is absolutely no communication on how long this period is, and unfortunately I require LinkedIn for my new job to generate leads and sales. Others in similar situations had to wait for weeks on end, LinkedIn is threatening my livelihood by letting AI set random limits on everyone's profile and not clearly communicating with their users on what those limits are. Leaving my government ID with them for 2-3 weeks on end is unacceptable since it is enough time for any cybercriminals to access it through the multiple security breaches LinkedIn has allowed the past month, and the abhorrent customer service is painfully slow and agonizing. I want clear communication and for my account to be unrestricted as soon as possible, because it was restricted for no clear reason.

Desired outcome: Give me my account back, tell customers their restriction time periods, improve your terrible customer service and be transparent about your auto-banning algorithm with users.

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Jeanie Thom
, US
Oct 24, 2023 4:50 am EDT
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It's ridiculous and so I wanted to find a UK platform and have now happily joined. I'm experiencing a similar issue also...