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Lingo/unlimited calls - FraudLingo unlimited calls are misleading and not truly unlimited

When you are signing up for Lingo Worldmax plan with calling unlimited to over 75 countries. You are actually signing up for limited to calls to limited countries. Read the fine print in the Terms and Conditions. They even go beyond terms and conditions in reality. Their Fine Print in Secotion F Under ‘F. Residential Use of Service and Device ….. Residential Customer’s monthly usage is limited to 4, 999 minutes per month (the “Residential Usage Limit”). Lingo deems the usage of 5, 000 or more minutes per month in violation of this Section III(F), and shall subject Customer to the immediate suspension and/or termination of the Service ……….. (i) Lingo reserves the right to adjust the Residential Usage Limit at its sole discretion; (ii) in-plan international calling is limited to up to 6 (six) unique phone numbers to a particular in-plan overseas destination; and (iii) Lingo reserves the right to immediately, suspend, terminate or modify the Services, if Lingo determines”. And you have no rights. In reality they even try to send you an warning much less than that and they tells verbally that the limit is only 500 minutes for international calls. Of course when you ask them to send the Fine print for that 500 minutes they will not send. Please be aware of this kind of fraud who puts unlimited on the front page and puts limit in T&Cs.


  • Jo
    John Evans Nov 23, 2009

    I had the same problem. Just got a notice saying I went over my allowed plan. The website says unlimited calling so I called in to investigate. They told me I am allowed 300 minutes per month. If they mentioned that before I signed up I wouldn't sign up with them. And now I am stuck with 2 year contract. They provide you with trial period but this didn't happen during trial period. They waited until my trial period to be over. So please don't sign up for this company.

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  • Dj
    djwilder Nov 27, 2009

    I'v trued to cancel my Lingo account I called three times I was put on hold all three time I was hung up ON do not sign up with Lingo it also had my comcast service down If you like to listen to there music while you get the run around

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  • Ha
    hate-lingo Dec 03, 2009

    they are nothing but a scam.. they say there are Unlimited, where as they have a limited minit to 4999 min and also cant call more then 6 uniq numbers.. if we do then put our account in suspended status and they decrease it to 300-500 minit. how crazy is that.. we can buy 5$ calling card and get 400 minits. so what is the point of getting LINGO then.. the customer service is worst.. Whoever is reading this please dont fall for lingo.. See if you can get vonage.. am from bangladesh.. Vonage dont have it anymore.. but still i think is best.. as Vonage aint that cheap company like LINGO.. lingo has full of hidden policies.. They wait to get u sign up with their contract.. as soon u get with their terms, you will see their true face. i bet you on that..

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  • An
    annoyed lingo user Dec 04, 2009

    Today I received the suspend notice.Please note that just after the month of trial period they send me the notice and suspend my account.This is ridiculous and they are ripping off people with fraudulent advertisement.I think US govt should take legal action against them and make out of business.

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  • Li
    Lingo sucks Dec 10, 2009

    Lingo is scamming people into getting their service by saying it's an "unlimited plan". I really request people please think and research before entering this scam. They just suspended our service for exceeding residential limit. Come on! Suspension without warning for something that they scammed us into? I'm sure soon this will make it to the Media/News. It is important that people are notified about these kinda Voip scams.

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  • Ka
    ka99 Dec 10, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Lingo just suspended my service this morning. I received warning twice even though my call was not unusually high. I called customer support and spoke two guys after waiting about 30 minutes. The last guy wanted me to connect to their Network Security dept but failed. He kept my number and told me that someone will call me back. I haven't heard from anyone yet. I feel very insulted. I never expected service like this. Can we go for class action lawsuit? Are they only doing for customers who call to Bangladesh?

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  • Sa
    sabbir123 Dec 16, 2009

    this is a fraud company. they suspended my line after 10 days of use. while signup they claimed unlimited calling plan but suspended the line without any warning within 10 days of use. while asked, they said their mgmt decided to allow 500 mins/month (what a BS). stay away from them.

    their customer service is very very bad. waiting time is 30-40 mins minimum. customer service is very inefficient and cannot answer any questions, just forward to some other dept.

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  • To
    Tom Siver Dec 22, 2009

    Lingo Sucks! They suspended my service yesterday w/o any warning. When I reached some one in the(worst) customer service(~25 min, music even worse ), point me to the security department. Each time I call to the security department, it goest directly to the voice mail, and the voice mail stated it is full(how funny). This company chose to SCAM customer without disclosing the real facts.

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  • Ex
    ExLingoCust Mar 20, 2010

    I had been a loyal, long time customer of Lingo - I had signed up with them in December 2004 and had no problems with them until last year. Based on their advertisements, I signed up for Lingo's World Max unlimited calling. I paid a $10 fee to make the plan change, which became active towards the end of October 2009.

    We make calls to India, predominantly to a few numbers. We were happily using the service when on Dec 16 my service stopped working. This being the only landline, my 5 month old infant and mother in law at home, we were pretty flabbergasted about the reason.

    When I called Lingo, I was told that they had sent an email 10 days ago (which had gone to my spam folder) about the fact that my usage was excessive and beyond the "normal" residential usage. I asked the guy to tell me how much was "normal" and what was the meaning of "Unlimited". He kept on blabbering about "average use", "expected use" etc. etc. and was never able to answer anything specifically. When I asked to speak to the manager, he said the manager was busy on another call.

    Finally, as I was traveling to India that evening, I asked what the options were - and he said that I will have to switch back to the previous plan (which did not have India free) - I could not restart on Unlimited World Max plan. It was almost that I was being punished for going over the limit of the "unlimited" plan.

    I asked him to switch the plan and restore the service (while at Chicago airport, waiting to board the flight). The next thing I did was to order Vonage right there, before boarding.

    Once Vonage was setup, they took almost 6 days for number transfer (happened on Jan 6, 2010). While looking up my credit card statements, I was appalled to see Lingo charges continuing on the card. I called them up to ask what the charges were for and was told that since I had not canceled the service, those were month charges for Jan and Feb. I asked the rep her name, her agent id and asked her to tell me what service did Lingo exactly provide in Jan and Feb to me, for which they charged my credit card. She said that even though I did not use the service, as per the terms and condition, as the account was still active, they had billed me. I corrected her saying that it was not a question of me "not using the service" - "there was no service available to me from Lingo" as the number had already been ported out of Lingo and I did not have any other number on the account. So if Lingo decides to bill me, it is charging for nothing and I am going to take this further - to the courts if required.

    She then said that she will request a credit for the two months that they charged me without service. I will wait to see if it actually occurs.

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  • Ex
    ExLingoCus Apr 07, 2010

    This is the email that you get, when you sign up for "unlimited" calling plan and actually make normal international calls..

    Dear XXXXX,

    Thank you for using Lingo digital home phone service for all your domestic and international calls.

    We see from our reports that frequent calls are being made from your Lingo phone that are inconsistent with the normal calling patterns of a Residential customer. For security purposes, we are sending you this notice to inform you that if this calling pattern continues, it poses a risk of breaching Lingo’s Residential Use of Service and Device policy. For details on this policy, please see Section III Part of Lingo’s Terms & Conditions available on

    While we are happy you are enjoying your Lingo service, we ask you to please monitor and reduce the frequency and/or length of calls being made on your account. If you have any questions regarding this notification, please contact Lingo Customer Care at either [email protected] or [protected] .

    We thank you for your cooperation and wish you happy calling!



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  • Ex
    ExLingoCus Apr 07, 2010

    This is their "unlimited" calling policy...


    It has been determined through analysis of the traffic patterns on your account that your in plan outbound usage exceeds normal usage. This is a violation of Lingo Terms & Conditions Section III. Service; Part F. “Residential Use of Service and Device”; Part G. “Business Use of Service and Device” which can be found on our website

    Please note: “Unlimited calling is subject to Lingo’s fair usage policy as specified in the Terms and Conditions”.

    F. Residential Use of Service and Device

    If you have subscribed to Lingo’s residential Services, the Service and Device are provided to you as a residential user (single family households), for your personal, residential, non-business and non-professional use. This means that you are not using them for any commercial or governmental activities, profit-making or non-profit, including but not limited to home office, business, sales, telecommuting, telemarketing, autodialing, continuous or extensive call forwarding, fax broadcast, fax blasting or any other activity that would be inconsistent with normal residential usage patterns. This also means that you are not to resell or transfer the Service or the Device to any other person for any purpose, or make any charge for the use of the Service, without express written permission from Lingo in advance. You agree that your use of the Service and/or Device, or the use of the Service and/or Device provided to you by any other person for any commercial or governmental purpose will obligate you to pay Lingo’s higher rates for commercial Service on account of all periods, including past periods, in which you use, or used, the Service for commercial or governmental purposes. Lingo reserves the right to immediately terminate or modify the Service, if Lingo determines, in its sole discretion, that Customer’s Service is being used for non-residential or commercial use. Not withstanding the foregoing, Customers on the Lingo World Max calling plan agree to the following additional terms; (i) Lingo reserves the right to adjust the Residential Usage Limit at its sole discretion; (ii) in-plan international calling is limited to up to 6 (six) unique phone numbers to a particular in-plan overseas destination; and (iii) Lingo reserves the right to immediately, suspend, terminate or modify the Services, if Lingo determines, in its sole discretion, that Customer’s usage patterns are inconsistent with normal residential use of Service.

    G. Business Use of Service and Device

    If you have subscribed to any of Lingo's business plans, the Service and Device are provided to you as a small business user. This means that you are not to resell or transfer the Service or Device to any other person for any purpose. You agree that the Lingo business plan to which you have subscribed does not confer the right to use the Service for auto-dialing, continuous or extensive call forwarding, telemarketing, fax broadcasting or fax blasting. Lingo reserves the right to immediately terminate, modify or upgrade the Service (and charge you the Upgrade Fee described in Section III(C)), if Lingo determines, in its sole discretion, that Customer's Service is being used in violation of this Section III(G). If you have a residential plan and are using the Services for business purposes, Lingo reserves the right to cancel the Service.

    Your Lingo Account XXXXXXXXXXXX will be suspended immediately if you continue to violate our policy.

    If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact Lingo Customer Care at [email protected] or [protected].


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  • Aa
    AAlkurdi Apr 10, 2010

    I had lingo from 2006 till 2010, I have to say that calls quality and connection are great, I never had a problem in that regard, but starting a year ago, on international calls, they started charging much more then their published rates, I contacted them to see if their rates went up, and their answer was no and my charges were a mistake and I would be refunded, NEVER DID, for the next 3 months had the same problems and same answers and NEVER A REFUND, not only that but it got worse, they started charging me for calling countries that are suppose to be free within my plan, EVEN WORSE, some landline numbers I called were considered mobile numbers and was charged triple the rate, finally I gave up and cancelled with them, and recieved a confirmation e-mail thanking me for being a loyal customer since 2006, GUESS WHAT, a month later I was charged $99.5 for early termintion fee because I did not complete a 2 years contract, I WAS WITH THEM FOR 4 YEARS, another call and another apology and this time with an e-mail confirming that I shouldn't have been charged the termination fee, 3 MONTHS LATER NOW AND NO REFUND YET.
    I researched my problem to see if I was the only one and GUESS WHAT, I'm not the only one, I'm really considering an action lawsuit, so good luck joining them.

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  • Ex
    ExLingoCust Apr 16, 2010

    I just got a call from Lingo, saying I owe them $166 – $99 “early” termination charges, and $60 for two months of service (after porting the number out) + taxes!!!

    Awesome!! Early termination after being their customer for 5 years!!!

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  • Gi
    gigagig Feb 08, 2011

    Lingo is definitly a company with fruad written all over it face. I signed up with Lingo in May 1999. I signed up with I think "Hello world" plan. I call a country that is not covered within free country calling list but rates were cheaper so I signed up. I confirmed that I was not signing up any contract and that I will be able to cancel any time. I kept their service until December of 2010 when I found out they doubled my international rates without any communication. When I called them to ask they told me that it was written in the terms and conditions on thier website that they can change rates at anytime and that it was my responsibility to check the rates everytime I call. So I decided to pay the bill and cancel my service. They told me that I can't cancel my service because I am on a contract which I can't cancel. I told them that I never signed any contract and I was told that it is written in the terms and conditions that I am signing a contract for three years. I was also told that terms and condition may not have been the same when I signed up but when I signed up terms and conditions said, "Lingo has right to change terms and conditions at any time". So I didn't sign the contract but they changed terms and conditions after my service and slapped a contract on me on their own. The only advice I have is to file as many complaints with FCC as you can using this link and selecting the option for Internet service and VoIP. That is the only way to get their attention.

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  • Da
    dave314159 Feb 15, 2011

    I was a Lingo customer for 6 years before switching to a better company in Oct 2010. They continued charging my credit card and I unfortunately did not catch it until late December. Lingo "cancelled" my service at that time, but would not reverse any of the charges, so I had to contest the charges with my credit card.

    My credit card quickly reversed the charges and considered my case closed, and in a couple of weeks I get a nastygram from Lingo saying I am about to be turned over to collections. This week I am disputing with their collections company and they send me a copy of the supposed "terms and conditions" I had with Lingo, which quite plainly state that they can and will continue billing you even if you no longer have a phone number with them -- until you call them to explicitly cancel your service.

    I have dealt with many phone companies over the years and NEVER run across one that would behave anywhere close to this manner. Thanks for the link, gigagig. My complaint has been filed.

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  • Je
    Jeff James Jun 03, 2011

    Price kept raising quality got worse and was ripped off when I switched to other provider and lingo continued to bill me.

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