My name is Brenda Davis, I have gotten Oxygen from you all for over 15 years and C-pap supplies too. I have gotten the run around on both many times. I moved back down to Central Texas, going on 4 years ago, and have been trying to get a portable oxygen concentrator for over 2 years. I have the oxygen in a Home concentrator, and in the Tall green bottles. I can not push those around because I am in a wheel chair. They have never been tested to see if they still had oxygen in those bottles the last 15 years that I have had them. My doctors have tried to get me the portable concentrator many times. They do their work but Lincare does not turn it in in the allow amount of time, (My number is [protected] in case all I wrote don't go through) so I keep having to go back to be recertified and we start all over again. I got a call day before yesterday on June 26th, they the would have my portable oxygen delivered yesterday. Nobody showed up. I called earlier today and got Oklahoma because I guess the Austin office was out to lunch, so I called back around 1:30 P.M. and talked to someone that was going to try to get them out here today or to let me know something. I have heard nothing. It is now 5:04 P.M. my time. I have been very unhappy with lincare but I am locked in with you all for another year, because of the way you contract from the government. I would never recommend Lincare to anybody else. When I was living in East Texas they couldn't get my Cpap supplies right, and its been a long time since my oxygen concentrator has been checked in the house or more hoses given. I would like to know what can be done before the time limit runs out again. I live in Burnet Texas

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