Lincareoverall service


I have been given the total run around by this office when I tried to order supplies for my c-pac machine, . I was given a number to call to order supplies 3 weeks ago and they said I didn't sign the patient agreement when I visited the office in april. They sent me the form last week to sign and return which I did. Today I called to place the order and there was a problem with the prescription was transferred to the Westerville office and was told no problem but I had to come there to get the equipment. Why wasn't i told this 3 weeks ago. It would have been nice if someone. would call me back when they said they would. If anyone knows what is going on there they would be hard to find. This is a simple process to order supplies but not at this office. Now I have to drive 30 minutes to get supplies that I was told would be mailed. This is NUTS !!! STEVE CAHILL [protected]

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