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I'm assuming this is the normal way of submitting a complaint about a "Scam", and apologize if I'm doing so incorrectly.

My situation involves "Lifetime Fitness", - an "upscale", overpriced fitness facility chain with has locations throughout the United States.

Initially, (months ago), I reluctantly activated my membership in Austin, Texas. I use the word "reluctantly" because of the fact that a co-worker of mine, who was an active member and had recommended the club, was paying an overall lesser monthly fee that what I was quoted at the time of sign up. Guessing that he had signed up on some sort of "special", as many of the salesmen often call it, inquired about my new membership anyway.

During my initial conversation with the Lifetime salesman, I specifically asked about using more than one location, - primarily San Antonio and Austin. He informed me that there would be an additional monthly fee, but it would be possible. I elected not to has a "muti-location" account, because the "basic" monthly package's monthly fee would be in excess of $50. (!) (The higher monthly rates were justified by indoor water slides, overpriced sandwich shops, etc. - None of which I had a use for.) I also inquired about a couple of different scenarios. One of the scenarios would be the situation were if I relocated my residence to San Antonio. If I use the SA location, and the SA location alone, would my monthly rates increase? The salesman stated that they would not.

Fast forward to this month: After inquiring to not only their SA location, but Lifetime's Austin location as well, they have firmly stared that my monthly fees would increase, for USING SAN ANTONIO ONLY, not Austin. I've been to the SA gym, and it's the exact, same lay out. - Explain the rationale. I even suggested that I add a member to my membership, But they required more "processing fess" (money upfront) and over $100 per month!

Needless to say, I abruptly canceled my membership. I will contact all of my associates, -personal and professional, and urge them to do they same. I will also inform anyone who inquires, as I am often approached, to STAY AWAY FROM LIFETIME FITNESS.


  • Jo
    Joyce Dec 04, 2007

    I totally agree with you. When Lifetime Fitness acquired Northwest Athetic Club here in Minnesota, LTF pretty much monopolized the fitness center business here. They increased the membership prices and have this crazy schemes when it comes to membership types (fitness, sports, advantage, etc). It created confusions as to what centers you can go.

    However, the only options left for Minnesotans are pretty much the YMCA and Bally's. So that sucks!
    I wish there will be other fitness center options for us like the Golds

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    Adrenalyn Jan 09, 2008

    Wow! Lifetime Fitness is a scam! Well whatever you do, make sure you cancel by the 5th, or the charge you for 2 whole months if you don't! I've got my own issues with them, which you can read about in comments section of the 30 day cancellation policy thread. To anyone thinking about Lifetime Fitness, do yourselves a favor and run. Run as far as you can!!!! If you don't, be prepared to be screwed over by them. Lifetime Fitness is a rip off.

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  • Ti
    tim orr May 09, 2017

    @Adrenalyn The club Is mostly all gays, they have kicked out people for defending themselves from bad behavior by others, from what I've seen like the prices yes people are paying different prices and that's insane, the club Isn't good anymore, I seen club open and now its mostly big queer guys in most of all there clubs

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  • Bi
    Bill Barilko Sep 19, 2018

    @Adrenalyn Yep... and they charge you to make changes to your membership. I had a family membership and my boy turned 12, so I had to add a membership for him on top of my family membership... so I was increasing my monthly membership from $135 to $170. At age 12, kids no longer qualify on the family membership. They charged me a $10 service charge to change my membership, which was spending more money per month. I have since cancelled our membership, but not without push back and two months of fees from the date I cancelled. I image that it's easier and cheaper to leave a cult.

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  • Ch
    Chris Jan 12, 2008

    Expensive start up costs, expensive monthly charges, rude employees, snobbish clientèle make it not worth going. It cost over $200 dollars to start up but i was lucky to cancel within 30 days and got it back. There gyms are super nice with excellent facilities. If the employees were not snobbish then it would be a good gym to go to.

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  • Ja
    Jay Mar 25, 2008

    I just went into flagship and had a medical related "appoved" suspension on my 6 week account, Im a student. an Ashley who claimed to be a manager was absolutely absurd in her customer service and wouldn't me nor my two guests in the club. My parents who are long term members of the club are outraged and was in disbelief someone who treat a customer so low. They are canceling their memberships immediately.

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  • Ja
    Jason Burdette Aug 18, 2008


    I'm Jason Burdette I left Lifetime back in Febuary of 2007, to join La Fitness her in Evanston IL. I told Lifetime I was leaving I wanted to close the membership they said no problem made my last payment, I thought I was done guess again I had to pay two more times. My advise to anyone check out Lifetimefitness stay away. I'm happy at Lafitness.

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  • Da
    dave Nov 24, 2008


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  • Hy
    hyena65 Feb 08, 2009

    I am at the Lifetime fitness here in Warrenville. I've been a member for about 8 years. It's a joke. It's gotten really bad this year since they removed their initiation fees. Not sure what's worse--the whirlpool contaminated with children's poo, the equipment that never gets fixed--this is unacceptable at a gym this size, the kids running around all over the gym and basketball courts (it's romper room all over this stupid gym), the cluelessness of the staff, cramped locker rooms, ...
    By the way, one of the trainers, I still haven't been able to figure out whether it's a dude or a lady..nasty!!
    It's the waste of $60 a month..

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  • Pr
    preppyboyofIL Feb 26, 2009

    I was a member of Lifetime years ago and finally got disgusted with the outragous cost and the continual crowds at the Orland Park, IL location. I constantly felt like I was waiting for rides at Disneyland thanks to lines forming for all the weight lifting machines on a continual basis especially after New Years as all the New Years resolution idiots would join. I tried going there at all different times of the day and it was continually jammed, so that was my primary reason for dropping my membership.

    I also agree that staff there was really rude as well as other members, but that just more or less goes with the territory when dealing with Orland Park (Rude people), so I didn't think to much of it. After being a member there for over 2 years and dealing with continual crowds, rude employees, kids continually crapping in the indoor pool, kids peeing in the hot tubs, and guys making messes in the showers and urinating on the floors in there making the showers smell like a sewer pipe, I finally had enough and dropped out. Lifetime did charge me a drop out fee though which I thought was lousy, but I'm at La Fitness now and never been happier!

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  • Ke
    Ken F Jun 25, 2009

    The LTF center just opened up a brand new facility in my hometown of Collierville Tn. So far, things are really great! I realize that since it just opened, there's a lot of focus on customer service, etc.. but I am confident they will keep up with everything needed. The facility is the nicest I have ever seen. I am paying $98 for my wife and I which isn't bad at all. I was paying $4 less than that at our former gym which was 1/2 the size and not near as nice.

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  • Se
    semccar12 Sep 04, 2009

    i had the exact same problem. they are a bunch of crooks. and of course they wont let you set up a cancelation in advance. bunch of crooked ###. go to golds instead. maybe L|A.

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  • Ee
    eemo28 Oct 06, 2009

    To [email protected]:

    The statement you make in saying, "By the way, one of the trainers, I still haven't been able to figure out whether it's a dude or a lady..nasty!!" Although I TOTALLY agree with your dissatification with LTF 510%, I am not sure why not being able to distinguish between genders is necessary nasty.

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  • Nl
    nlynn Oct 20, 2009

    I am also upset with Lifetime! It is a scam. First I went in to question a bill. They automatically increase the bill without notice. Like they aren't expensive enough already. I told them this is ridiculous and I wanted to cancel. I was told there was a 30 day written notice I had to give. Unbelieveable. I wanted to talk to a manager and of course they are never available. The customer service there is terrible. They keep charging my account and I don't go there anymore! I keep calling and they put me on hold. They are avoiding me. This company needs to get sued.

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  • Mi
    MICHAEL STADNICK Jan 29, 2010

    It will all catch up with LIFETIME FITNESS. I think it is already, I have had two mailers "$0 to join". They don't care how it is ran! It is the numbers!

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  • Te
    TECHENGINE Mar 11, 2010

    Definitely a greedy company! I worked for them briefly and now it seems they are trying to make me wait for my final pay. All of a sudden, no one answers my emails or phone calls. I assure you that this is a game they don't want to play with me!


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  • 12
    ?!?!?!121 Mar 25, 2010

    These clubs has no membership caps, the more the "merrier". The equipment is dirty. In over 2 years I have never seen any weight machines getting cleaned, other than perhaps some superficial vacuuming. Some machines even smell foul. The "personal trainers" are a total joke, with a God's gift to the human race mentality. I witnessed on occasion harassment, insults and even verbal threats directed at members. The facilities are overrun by out-of-control teenagers and the machines and free weights are limited with long aggravating waiting times. Break-ins and vandalism are often reported in the parking lot. An easy hit I guess?? I once asked the sales agent if I could have a weekend pass for a visiting friend. OMG, may lightning have rather struck me down. For 10 mins I had to listen how I was trying to abuse "the system" and there are "no freebies" However, he did offer me a "great deal" if my friend wanted to join. Why I waited so long before canceling my membership I don't know. Perhaps I'm a sucker for decide for yourself.

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  • Ex
    extremal Mar 30, 2010

    Yup, Life Time Fitness sucks (referring to Warrenville location).

    I used to be a member for 2+ years, then moved to another place and returned for a week, so decided to use an offer from their web site for a free week membership. My fault I was honest with them that I am not based there, and my fault I just told them that if I not gonna get the free week, I can just become a member and then cancel the membership. Was suggested to buy 2 weeks for 80$, and then a higher level manager increased it to 100$.

    In the end they kicked me out - I pissed off a manager and his boss (I was polite, but demanding).
    The service is extremely rude - they do not want customers who might end up not joining the gym.

    The fitness center is nice, lots of equipment etc, but they almost killed their reputation for me...

    So... DO NOT JOIN!! They want your money and they don't care about you as a customer...

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  • Im
    imchaiwala Apr 07, 2010

    been a customer for 6 years, when i need to cancel they're making me show up in person or send a certified letter and charging me 30 days!!! what the hell! the gym is nice, the service sucks! i just called corporate - they told me tough luck!

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  • Wo
    WOLFE2 Apr 07, 2010

    The management at lifetime sucks! They suspend accounts, cancel accounts for minor things like complaining yet when you go to cancel your membership they say wait 30 days and jump through these hooops! The best way to cancel your membership is to YELL F**K YOU at the manager and watch how fast your canceled.

    Check out rateitall for more "0" ratings

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  • Ma
    madmardigan Apr 30, 2010

    All gyms suck management wise, and lifetime fitness isn't much better because everything from staff abuse to member abuse goes on in their facilities under the corporate stock culture logo LTM. To everybody who's gotten a membership, and to everyone's who canceled, their CEO Bahram Akradi is as crooked as they come.

    All gyms do that 30 day thing and stuff. I think they consider themselves as leasing gym equipment, and that you're providing their financing so they're unwilling to make it less than difficult for you to leave, and that's why the majority have you sign contracts and falsely claim trial memberships, but in actuality, it's just a discount.

    But back to Bahram Akradi. Without giving anything away, I'll just say he's a short little guy with a napoleon complex, and it makes it much worse that he's from a different culture. So, you see, I was raised here in the United States, so I don't go around blaming people for my problems like this guy does, but seeing as how attrition is the only governing factor and nobody cares how they're treated because at most on a good day they can keep their jobs, and this is where the disturbing factors come in because he just runs off does anything he wants.

    It's a complex, and not a very good one, because everyone wants to be somewhere else, and I mean let's face it, wouldn't everyone rather have their own equipment and go home rather than go through all this stuff?

    Without making a longer story short, I was standing right next to the guy, and the following time shortly there after all their employees mysteriously started harassing me and made me feel like I was being the blunt of a joke, so instead of actually fighting for my rights and demanding things like something should be done, the harassment ensued and in the following months thereafter a girl was found dead in one of their fancy dancy olympic sized swimming pools because of this. Soon there after I had to cancel my membership, since nobody there has a conscious and insists on covering it up. (Centreville, Va ;p)

    Now, I'm not saying we're perfect human beings, and everyone should just magically get along and agree, but this guy is a con artist and doesn't accept responsibility for the way his gyms (I use the term his losely because it's infact a public corporation and not a private one) are run.

    He's got that little temper of a short little colored man from a different country thing going on and has really no reason to be mad. This guys is one weird dude who can't accept the facts of life, who can't handle his job, and money grubs his shareholding stock all the way to the market. He's like a plague, and everybody catches a disease when they're around him.

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  • Ji
    JimmyR May 05, 2010

    They're just denigrating me (James Russell) to reduce member attrition in Centreville Virginia, because I had vitiligo and some other things, but the joke's on them. I'm the reason why they act like that and they take no responsibility and raise membership prices claiming their "Value". Perhaps you can inquire about their "members' point of view" so they can' give you some "color" about their "point of view".

    Lifetime Fitness is a scam! They're con artists and can kiss my "white" ###!

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  • 40
    4006 Jun 03, 2010

    Liftime Fitness in Goodyear Az is a club you should never join and if you are a member you need to walk away and put your money somewhere else. This club is not staffed well at all. The GM is never in so his sales guys have to cover for him. He can't handle all the complaints going on daily. The front desk can never answer any questions and they always send you to someone else who isn't at work yet. The childcare center is staffed with young girls with small children and another on the way so they have a place to keep their kids while working. The aquatics dept has had four heads since I have been there. The first one was great the second one was steeling from the club the next one a washed up swimming coach with a pregnant girlfriend whom he rubbed lotion on while working at the pool and trying to pick-up other girls and presently they have 2 ladies that are trained at scheduling member activities and work the activities desk at the club . They know nothing about aquatics. The club rents the pool to outside groups and then the paying members cannot use the pool at all. All to make $$$$$$ and not care about the members. The pool is always under staffed with too few lifeguards and then the slides cannot be used at all without the proper staffing. Once again the paying members get screwed. I have showed up to swim in the morning many times and the doors haven't been unlocked to the outside so you get locked in the pool when you enter. I have also scooped poop out of the pool in the AM. The bathrooms on the pool deck outside are never open in the AM because they supposedly have to lock them at night because people have sex in them and smear poop all over and the lifeguards have to clean them when they come to work later in the day. They have a water aerobics class that has to use 2 of the 5 lap lanes for there class and members are sitting waiting to swim laps because now there are on 3 lanes for lap swimming. I alway take the pool cleaner out of the pool so people can swim laps in the AM. Nobody at work at 8:30 in the morning. The outdoor pool is CLOSED for 6 months because they do not want to pay to heat it. The outdoor hottub never works and the sauna is torn apart again as I am writing. The mens steamroom is never working either. This club also allows public schools to come for 4 hr timeslots during the year for physical education. Four bus loads at a time and they rotate in the center from the gym.pool and fitness area. They are not paying members! Once again the member is screwed. But the club is all about making $$$$$$ and do not care about their members. There have been many breakins in lockers and in cars in the parking lots too. I have had things taken too. If you have a choice and I hope you do please stay away from this club. I will be going back to the YMCA with a smile on my face and $$$$ in my pocket!!

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  • Mi
    michellesays Jun 10, 2010

    i love lifetime fitness! I've never been scammed, i love the staff too:) they have great trainers, who are willing to help! i have so much fun in the group training and clubs too! i'm a simple teenage girl in high school who has a small part time job, and i pay for my membership. i do keep up with all my cost, and i know what waste i do and don't do. lifetime fitness: sooo worth it! :D maybe you people might have your reasons to hate. but i know i'm being treated right and getting the results i want. I feel confident with life time fitness.

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  • Li
    Lizibear Jun 17, 2010

    I completely agree. The sales associates often lie just to make the sale. I was added to my family's account and insured that I could do so regardless of the fact that I was over 21. The sales associate said that as long as only two people were over 21 this would be fine. Then I was told to pick up my temporary card in 24 hours. Fastforward 24 hours, I drive up to the gym, my daughter in tow, only to find out they haven't done it. When I inquire why they then go on to tell me that I need to wait another day. Next day arrives, I repeat the process, only to find out, once again, my name has not be added. This time they claimed the person responsible for adding new members to the account was out, but that I would surely be on the next day. Fast-forward YET another day, I wised up and called first. I wasn't on the account yet, no big surprise at this point, BUT this time they have no answer. So I had no idea what on earth was going on, and neither did anyone else, HOWEVER, they all made up something different. First it was that our account had been flagged, then it was about people being unavailable. THEN it was that no one was there. FINALLY, 8 hours later (after I had been on the phone with them nearly all day) someone called me to tell me that I couldn't be added. When I stated that the TWO sales reps told me that as long as only two people over 21 could be on, he stated "sorry ma'am the paperwork clearly states that it has to be a MARRIED COUPLE over 21, with proof of the marriage, and children under 21. Please note, my brother has 3 friends on his account besides himself and my youngest brother. One is 24. I would love to know why that is okay. Also, I know at least 3 other families that go to the same lifetime and have at least one child over 21, and yet they can do that. So all in all, I was VERY unimpressed with their customer service. If you have these rules, stick to them. Don't make exceptions because you want sales, then decide to go back to the rules. This was possibly the WORST customer service I have EVER encountered, and while their gym may be very nice, they DO not care about their member experience.

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  • Pe
    perspectiv Jul 17, 2010

    With regards to the Warenville, Il.

    They violate membership terms with Vertical Endeavors members.

    If you so much as ask to see management to express dissatisfaction, they will prohibit you from speaking with a respectful party, and they will call the police on you and have you escorted (or arrested). Their management team is disrespectful, as well as the front desk greeting staff.

    They consider and inform potential members that they are unimportant and a waste of their time... makes you wonder if they'd treat a long-term member the same way.

    After investigating with the police, I was informed that this particular club, the Warenville, IL Lifetime Fitness, has called the police in at least seven times for different individuals regarding interactions with Lifetime Fitness and Vertical Endeavors. And that the police even felt that there was something not right with the way the location is handling situations.

    Lifetime needs to re-evaluate its treatment of members, non-members, and potential members, or its business model and business will be effected.

    I say this as a caution to the poster who said to 'say F-you' to get their memberships canceled. If you do this, you may also wind up with a police record, especially if you are at the Warenville, IL club.

    Especially considering that they have done this multiple times before, they are emboldened to think that this is appropriate business practice. They consider any complaints as "verbal abuse" and grounds for involving police enforcement..

    after they verbally harass you - a customer and potential longterm customer - lie to you, deny you the terms of your own membership.

    I'd like to think its just the Warenville, Ill club... but it makes one wonder how this is acceptable business practice.

    Their clubs may be well stocked with equipment, but their staff attitude continues it shows they aren't going to be well stocked financially.

    They should care about their members, potential members, as well as the income they bring to the corporation. How else do they expect business?

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  • Pe
    perspectiv Jul 17, 2010

    I would just like to clarify... Vertical Endeavors and VE members are being victimized by Lifetime Fitness staff.

    Vertical Endeavors is a separate corporation from Lifetime Fitness, but is on-site at the Warrenville location. And its almost impossible to not interact with Lifetime when using Vertical Endeavors.

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  • Ih
    I hate lifetime fitness Oct 11, 2010

    WORST F*CKING GYM I HAVE EVER BEEN TO IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!!! They rip off their members & have ZERO customer service skills. Management will treat you like a stupid little child with any issue you hope to get resolved.

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  • Ih
    i hate lifetime Feb 25, 2011

    Fiance' and I wanted to combine our single memberships in to one family membership - no one at the desk knew how to do this (Austin North) - Nick, member sales, was called to the desk, said he didn't know, turned his back to me and walked away. Complaint to club general manager netted nothing. We're quiting. And advising everyone I know to never join and stay far away...
    Was told by a personal trainer there that because the member sales people to earn a commission on retention, they could care less about current members, only signing up new suckers, I mean members

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  • Ca
    Catcat79 Mar 08, 2011

    Two years ago I signed up to become a member of Lifetime in the Twin Cities. Within a couple days of signing my soul away, I came down with pneumonia and immediately obtained a doctor's note to put my acct on medical freeze as instructed by the employee that signed me up. My pneumonia lasted for months and the employee and I kept in contact saying that he would re-up my freeze. During this time I then dislocated my shoulder, I informed the employee about this and how I was going to have to just cancel the acct b/c this will take a long time to heal + surgery + rehab. He promised me (all through emails and all kept) that it was okay to have it frozen until I say the word that I can actually use the facilities. Sounds great and helpful, right?

    My roommate comes to me asking why in the HELL there are hundreds of dollars charged onto the credit card from Lifetime. I said no idea, it's frozen. I emailed the employee once again with no answer. I then called Lifetime, told them what was happening, they then told me that that employee no longer works for them, and that I was responsible to pay. (!!!) Was then forwarded to the account management woman, who was as helpful as could be. She requested all the emails from the employee forwarded to her so that she could show them to corporate to see if I could get a refund. Long story short I was rewarded half my money back. It's ridiculous-since an agent of their company assured me it would cost me nothing.. but I guess it's better than eating the entire cost.

    I really don't know if I would recommend Lifetime to anyone else.. they are over the top expensive, they charge downgrade fees if you want to switch to another 'level' of gym-which is eff'd up.. ppl switch b/c they want to SAVE money. Proceed with caution, keep all paperwork, read the fine print.

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  • Fl
    FlorhamParkMember May 24, 2011

    The Florham Park, NJ Lifetime Fitness Club facility is over-crowded. The Personal Trainers are rude and disrespectful to every member that doesn’t participate in Personal Training. The Personal Trainers claim to have priority on using the equipment and management does nothing about the issue. Lifetime is only interested in membership fees not addressing problems.

    Now that the summer months are here & the outside pool is about to open, the 3 month members (JUNE, JULY & AUGUST) start to arrive and abuse the pool and facility rules. Don’t expect to get a chair at the outside.

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  • Li
    lifetimesucks May 28, 2011

    Very rude employees, I have been a member for four years now rarely use this facility. Whenever I go I always get a rude treatment by staff. Their front desk dogs never fail to bite me. They always act like you dont seem belong here, is this your card? let me check your picture again. Today they did this in front of my family decided this is the last time I am cancelling the membership.

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  • Ju
    justdoingbusiness Jul 01, 2011

    They don't care about their customers. I enjoyed the place while I was a member, but when I went to cancel I found out they require you to actually drive in and sign a cancellation. So i spent a half hour of my life because they want to make it as difficult as possible to quit their club? Straight shady. I can cancel my health insurance, life insurance, cable, internet, car insurance, anything without signing something in person.

    Then when I cancelled, they told me they need a 30 day cancellation notice...on a calender month. so I tried to cancel via phone in june, then in person july 1, and they said they'd keep charging me two more months. I had been planning to renew my membership after a few months - they can kiss that goodbye now.

    do yourself a favor and pick someplace that cares about long term relationships with customers, rather than just screwing people out of money. I put a hold on their ability to charge me and will dispute anything: they can take me to court if they want to try.

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  • Da
    Darrell D Jul 25, 2011

    I agree with pretty much everyones complaints here. Lifetime does not do business in a classy way. they have hidden fees, they fail to tell you the entire story as you sign up. It really depends on the club you go to as to how you are treated. The Norht Austin club seems to be the absolute worst. This club has gone downhill so fast over the past 6 months. I will say since others seems scared to. MARK JOHNSTON, the moroon manager who owned his own gym prior to Lifetime opening. This guy is SOLELY responsible for man peoples decisions to quit the club. He should wimn WORST MANAGER OF THE YEAR if Lifetime had that. AWEFUL AWEFUL AWEFUL!!! Someone earlier was complaining about Braham Akradi, well Mark Johnston is one of his little pawns, always sucking up to him, so it doesn't look like he will be going anywhwhere since Akradi likes to surround himself with people who are yes men. I look forward to finding another gym. ANYTHING is better than this Lifetime.

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  • Ra
    Rajiv.kumar162 Aug 15, 2011

    First they force you to take membership by saying it's a free trial
    They sign you up for personal training.
    And even after you quit, they keep billing you until you finally block the merchant from your credit card.

    Extremely Bad
    these guys are crooks, the owner is a shady Ethiopian/kenyan guy!

    Join at your own risk

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  • Dh
    dholly1984 Jun 19, 2012

    I just joined LifeTime Fitness in May, BIG mistake. Not only am I paying $167.00 a month for a family membership, but now they took out another $175.00 for a weight loss class I told the trainer I was working with that I couldn't afford and I didn't have the time to go anyways because I work about 12 hours a day. So they decided to activate this contract over a month later and pull all of my child support that I needed to use to pay my electric bill. They do not care. I cannot afford $350.00 a month in a gym membership on top of $3000.00 in other bills. LifeTime fitness does not listen and I am sick and tired of this. Not to mention the personal trainer I was working with called me fat. I have had kids and I'm not large, I just have work to do, either way that's not right.

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  • Di
    disgrunted in Vernon Hills Oct 11, 2012

    A "thug" at Lifetimes in Vernon Hills interrupted the first personal training session for 20 minutes, to make me go down to the locker room, get my credit card and pay for the sessions in advance. We were promised we could use our LifeTime dollars toward the first one and a half hours of personal training, but they cheated us out of that with NO explanation. The worst part was the inexperienced, young personal trainer who didn't know anything, would not write down a training plan of action for my husband to follow, and the second guy who acted like the "heavy" interrupting the personal training session to demand payment in full. We should have immediately walked out. It was the most unprofessional, shocking and tacky experience we've ever been through. We will cancel our membership. BUYER BEWARE of LifeTimes in Vernon Hills.

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  • Su
    Sun kissed skin -Tasha Apr 03, 2013

    I recently called in for a tour the lady seemed snappy on the phone since I would not just jump in to a agreement without information, every concern she had to get back with me but the next time I would speak to her I received no answer until once I received no call back. I went to the gym after being given the wrong directions by a front desk worker, when I arrived I made my complaint this lady smirks as if she is not required to treat me like a customer . So she decides to give me the run around as well since she was obvious I asked to speak to a supervisor, finally I actually received the tour by that time I had to go to work he said he will call the beginning of the next month (2 days) so that I could come back in and fill out the forms I never received a call. I guess my green money is not as valuable as there members same green cash or maybe with me being kind I was not as easy to push and rush into a situation as they thought. The gym looked nice but there is no amount of money I will spend any place for people working to earn my monthly fees and people who pay the same or less than me are going to act like they are some high class or first class people above me. This was in Troy, MI and they can kiss my beautiful black behind as well!

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    San Antonian Jul 16, 2013

    LTF is really expensive for what you get. We currently go to the one in San Antonio. Today, I brought my 10 year old son up to run on the treadmill next to me. There were several treadmills open and it wasn't overly crowded. I had dropped my daughter off at the daycare facility and told them I was taking my son with me. It rained today, so he didn't have conditioning camp for football. I decided it would be good for him to run on the treadmill. We weren't up there five minutes and a Lifetime instructor told me that she was informed by the daycare center that I had my son up here and he wasn't 12 so he wasn't allowed to run on the treadmill. My biggest complaint is that he was on a treadmill right next to me not causing any problems and using it without difficulty. Her reply is that it is a liability issue and that a kid had a seizure one time and scared many of the members. Any fat San Antonian that is working out there could easily have a heart attack or a seizure at any moment. I told her my son just had a sports physical and that I am a registered nurse. She said we couldn't make any exceptions. What I would like LTF to do is to change their rules so that if my son wants to use the equipment with an adult he can. As long as he isn't running around and acting crazy, I don't see a problem with it. I feel like I am paying for a family membership and my son can't use any of the equipment except run around the childcare center. I also have a complaint about the childcare center employee for contacting the upstairs employees instead of talking with me first. I found it very unprofessional. My husband has taken my son many times and no one has said anything to him about it. That is why I thought it was ok to take him since it wasn't very busy. I guess writing a complaint to corporate won't help because it looks like they don't care about the customer as I see from previous blogs. I would like to offer the suggestion for LTF to create workout sessions for kids without a charge added to it. I feel like there really isn't any benefits for them except to use the pool and the rock climbing towers. Any suggestions? Maybe a letter to the Better Business Beauru?

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    Trell2212 Sep 24, 2013

    Some how they took my money I don't know noting about this

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    meman lal Sep 27, 2013

    employee pf account number not provided

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    enricko Oct 05, 2013

    freelifetimedating debited $49.95 in my credit card account and I don't understand this

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