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We live in an extremely windy area and after a series of bad storms we developed leaks in roof — their first inspector came and chalked the damaged tiles — he said there are so many of them we need a new roof most of them are all lifted with the water is getting under them — guess they didn't like his report and told us he never submitted it (only later to have that story change) so they sent another inspector who spent about 10 minutes on roof and said he's not allowed to look for lifted shingles — but he could take pictures of our whole bedroom and garage when that had nothing to do with the leaks — the leaks were up in a corner of the ceiling — why did he take pictures of my bed, jewelry boxes and personal items? Who has those pictures now and what are they being used for? Do I have to worry about someone breaking into the house now? Today we get an answer we're not getting anything because damage is less than deductible which clearly states for wind damage deductible can get adjusted — he only has 22 shingles that needs to be replaced — we have leaks on both sides of the house and with the shingles lifting the rain is getting under them — when I had spoken to the supposed supervisor before the 2nd report was in he already said it's a repair — so the decision was in before the 2nd report — his explanation of why pictures of our stuff in the bedroom were taken he said so when they repair the leak they know how much furniture has to be moved? Such bs — since the leak is in a corner — do I feel safe with pictures out there of my personal belongings? Of course not — i'm going to wait for a response before I take this any further — he also mentioned water stains on the carpet — funny carpet is not even mentioned in report-

Update by Nanrick
Nov 01, 2021 2:16 pm

Just to add that the Inspection does not even address the roof---there are no missing shingles where the leaks are---the wind lifts up the shingles and that's where the rain is coming in----the only thing it addresses is the the missing shingles and repairing the ceiling where the leaks are which is useless without the leaks being addressed----

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