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Liberty Medical Supply PharmacyFilling Rxs not ordered

I registered for prescription service with Liberty Medical Supply Pharmacy. There said they would always phone me to verify a prescription before being filled. A few days later I began to receive refills by mail on my prescriptions which I did not order. It was like opening an account with a furniture store and having furniture delivered to my house without making a purchase! I phoned Liberty many times and they said they would call me back. Finally one representative did call and said once you sign up with Liberty, they just go ahead and have your prescriptions refilled to get the program started. I told them I had already filled them with 90-day-refills with CVS Caremark and didn’t need the refills. I am with Teacher Retirement of Texas who contracts Aetna Insurance and CVS Caremark. I learned after this experience that only CVS Caremark will fill my 90-day-prescriptons and if I go to an outsider such as Liberty, I will only be allowed a 30-day-refill with a much higher co pay. All the prescriptions sent to me by Liberty were 30-day-refills with a higher co pay.

I asked Liberty to let me return the prescriptions since I never ordered them. They said they cannot take back prescriptions since they are drugs. They also said they have me on tape requesting the prescriptions be refilled. I asked to listen to the tape. They said they will not let me listen to the tape. I then requested a copy of the transcript of the tape and they said they cannot furnish me a copy of the transcript. I believe this is white-collar-crime and needs to be stopped.


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    STEVE BIGLER Feb 17, 2010

    Liberty Medical is a shady organization that is totally incompetent.
    I submitted a prescription to them in the middle of January and I still haven't received my pen needles or my injectable drug, even after they called me and told me that they would ship last Thursday or Friday.

    I have also been kept waiting without my oral medication while they tried to figure out what was happening. If you require a timely filling of your Diabetes medications...DON'T USE Liberty Medical!

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    Michael 8968 Feb 28, 2010

    Years ago I saw their ad on TV, signed up and ordered my diabetic supplies. They told me my insurance would cover everything but I also told them I would not pay if it did not. They assured me that they would call me if there were any problems. Next thing I know they shipped my order at full price and tried to refuse to take it back. I sent it back and refused to pay! They were shady back then and from what I am reading are just as bad or worse now. I now order my diabetes supplies and medication from Medco and have never had a problem or had to pay a bill that was not covered by my insurance. STAY AWAY FROM LIBERTY, THEY ARE BAD NEWS!

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    Roland G. Pollak Jul 06, 2010

    Last trimester I requested termination of Liberty's "Automatic Refill Program." Shortly thereafter, a medicine arrived through the mail... unwanted, not requested, and in dispute ever since; as the Liberty Pharmacy will not confirm their receipt of the medicine that I returned to them, unopened and unused...yet they continue to bill me for the product that I sent back to them. I called the pharmacy and spoke with a representative who appeared to be one of their robotic minions. He assured me (finally) that I was no longer on the Auto Refill Program... but would not confirm the return of the medicine... in fact, he would not reply to my questions regarding undue billing for unearned product. I have since hand-written four memos on their invoices, plus a formal letter to them stating my disatisfaction and refusal to pay for a product I never should have received, which I returned, and which I believed they would probably report as an alleged "delinquent" payment to the credit bureaus... which I intend to contest through litigation, should that occur. I absolutely agree with a previous comment by Michael 8968...STAY AWAY FROM LIBERTY!!!

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  • Me
    MeterGuy Mar 23, 2011

    As a former employee of Liberty I can tell you their pharmacy is a mess when it comes to ordering. MEDCO owns liberty and even ship out of the same facilities but I can tell you MEDCO has a much more sophisticated ordering system and I would order my meds from MEDCO without even thinking twice but NEVER from Liberty Pharmacy. I handled these types of complaints when I worked there and I would never sign up any of my family members with Liberty's pharmacy, go with MEDCO. They are the same meds, same distribution facilities but better service, better systems.

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  • Lo
    Lora87381 Jul 27, 2011

    I can recommend a reputable pharmacy I received the order and it was on time and the pills work great.
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  • Ms
    msjd71 Oct 29, 2011

    Ordered diabetic supplies for my husband in June 2010. The service rep said that i would be contacted before shipping if there would be any out-of-pocket cost after our insurance paid; I instructed him not to ship if there was to be any cost (because we can get supplies cheaply locally). No contact, supplies shipped. Invoice included showed $0 due; total covered by primary insurance. My insurance company said no - we would be billed... nothing paid by insurance. I called Liberty. "No, no balance due. It is covered." Fast forward to October 2011 - a bill from Liberty for over $100 shows up at our house for services dated June 2010! No answer and 'mailbox is full' when I call the Liberty service number. I agress with posters above -- STAY AWAY FROM LIBERTY.

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