Lewis Groupwardrobe

M Jan 14, 2020

The wardrobe is not in good condition the handles are not working. Cant be locked. It got openings at the back I can't even put my clothes in it as they will fall at the back. I have been complaining since day one. And I did not get help. This is not the first item I bought from lewis with deffect and they did not fix them until I even finished paying them. I am nolonger in need of the item can it be taken away as I don't see the need for me to keep on paying for such item that I am not happy with. The branch staff are very rude and care less. Now cindy from head office said it has been over three months they can't take it back and that is not true it will only be three months on the 17th of january 2020. And I have been complaining since and could not get help.

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