Letgohas not paid in over 10 months. scammer.

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In December of 2018, I Steve Hauseman sent a item (sponge bob stuffed sponge bob ) to animal lover via express mail. Yes I was wrong for sending this item to him without being paid first. He promised to send the money and he wanted it before Christmas for a gift. So, nice guy me sent this to him via express mail. The item was only $8.00 dollars but sending it was a total of $21.00. To this day this person has not sent me the payment. I have ask very nicely to sent the money or send back the item. I always hear that he will or he asked his mom to send it. It has been 10 months.. I would really like Letgo to ban this person from trying to scam anyone else. He admitted scamming me and said he will not pay. Calling me names and very much making me mad. I would really appreciate Letgo to ban this person. He says he is a 14 year kid. Another reason to stop him from trying to scam anyone else..I was wrong for sending anything without being paid. Lesson learned. My email address is [protected] Could you please reply to me and tell me what has been done about this problem person. My phone number is [protected] if you want to call.. I ask him everyday to please send the item back or send me the money..Today 9/1/2019 he said he sold the item. If you look at his picture of profile, it is sponge bob. I have sold a few items here on Letgo and I really would like him banned. I do not think I will ever get my money, but to have him removed from this site might save someone from being scammed. Thank you for your time in reading this. Please let me know what has been done or what can be done..

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    Never sell to a person called "animal lover" Get the money first no matter what. Scammer

  • Updated by steve hauseman · Sep 10, 2019

    This is a sad site I feel. No one has done ANYTHING to stop the bad apples from Scamming. I have written 2 complaints about a user named "animal lover" and nothing has been done. No one has contacted me about this issue. Watch out people. Letgo does not care. Very poor operation and very angry about their support team. He should be banned. Admitted being a scammer. Terrible


  •   Sep 02, 2019

    All out there about this site as well as others like it, use at risk and be careful.

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