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Len The Plumber is a full-service plumbing and drain cleaning company. We are continuing to grow and expand our service areas so please continue to check-in to see if we are in your area and always feel free to call if you have a question. Our service area map shows all the counties and district that we currently serve.
Our multiple service locations make it easy to deliver prompt – Same Day Service. No matter where you live, we’re already in your neighborhood. Our trucks are always fully stocked to fix whatever plumbing or drain cleaning problem we encounter. Our certified plumbers will be able to help you no matter how big or small the problem is.
1552 Ridgely Street, Baltimore, MD 21230

Washington, DC
550 Forest Glen Road, Silver Spring, MD 20901
7 Chelsea Parkway Suite 709, Boothwyn, PA 19061
Northern Virginia
10440 Furnace Rd. Suite 106, Lorton, VA 22079

Complaints & Reviews

Len the Plumber — Work quality and billing

Beware of LTP deceptive billing practices and very low quality job!!! On 01/12 I have contacted Len the plumber (LTP) to address 3 separate plumbing issues in my house. 1. Water...

Len the Plumbershoddy plumbing work

My name is Obumneme Egwuatu and we reside at 4534 Albemarle Street, NW, DC 20016 .

We are having issues with work done by Len the Plumber technician since October 2018. We have had to pay another plumber to come in and fix some the mistakes made by Len the Plumber. At first we were using our plumber to fix some of the use because we thought it will be one or two problems. Once it started piling up we have had to call Len the Plumber technicians to fix the mistakes. The technicians can attest to the mistakes made previously by the previous workers. A lot of the mistakes would have been resolved if the plumbing work would have been properly pressure tested. There have been:

1) Delay in completing the plumbing: Which ended up costing us money and time.
2) Delay resulted in mold build up.
3) Shoddy work by the former Plumber Jim: He made a lot of mistakes and there were suspicious circumstances when he was working on our project. The shoddy work led to Pat (other Len the plumber technician) having to totally redo most of the work he has done.
4) Leaks in several parts of the house.
5) The most serious issue Sewage backup which messed up our basement. We found out that the water is not draining from one of the pipes that was installed by Len t technician in the basement. It appears from the video that at the junction where the new pipe is attached to the old pipe, is where the problem is. The video will show one of the pipes that then leads to the main line; which is clear. Then they go to the pipe where we had the back-up and 11 ft from that pipe is where we have the problem and the water is not draining. You will see all of this very clearly in the video. I am happy to have someone look at the video and provide a copy since I do not have a program on my computer to export or upload this video format. At this point, we are probably days away from having another back-up if this is not remedied.
6) The plumber Jim (Len the Plumber employee/contractor) also entered our house with no authorization. There was no reason for him to be there and his actions triggered our alarm. This resulted in the police having to come.

We moved into our house 2 months ago and every time something needs to be fixed, it has meant breaking the drywall, maybe even the wooden floor and also sewage back up into our house (which destroyed our basement). This is also not healthy because we have Five year old twins and a 4 month old baby.

We have reached out to Len the Plumber managers Cheryl Sade and Brad Davis. Even though we have a 5 year warranty they have refused to send someone to watch the video or send a video team to view the issues we pointed out. We paid an independent technician $600 to do this video.

It is really disappointing that Len the Plumber is denying liability and offering lame excuses. We paid top dollar for Len the Plumber to complete the plumbing for our house and deserve better than this.

Len the Plumber is supposed to be a respectable company but we have really been disappointed in how our project was handled.

We want to resolve this matter amicably and will like for a Len the Plumber technician to come over and look through (the whole plumbing)/test and fix all the mistakes. This will ensure that we do not encounter continuous issues in the future. Also, we will want Len the Plumber to reimburse all the money we have spent fixing some of the problems and for pain/suffering. This has been a breach of expressed and implied contractual terms.

We look forward and anticipate to you having Len the Plumber resolve this matter, .


Obumneme Egwuatu, Esq.
Tel # [protected]
Email: [protected]

[Resolved] Len the Plumber — plumbing issue

I am so disappointed and frustrated with the service today. The plumber just left. $450 later and my issue isn't resolved. He didn't attempt anything less invasive or...

Len the Plumberrange installation

I called to have a gas oven installed. They would not give me a quote over the phone. Today the service man installed. He was here a little over 1/2 hour, Installed the gas line, plugged in the electric outlet and tested the burners. For this I was charged $384. I am 82 living on social security. I feel I was price gouged and was taken advantage of as a senior citizen. This is an account of severe overcharging. I feel I should receive some sort of rebate.

Len the Plumber — sump pump installation

82580 We had our sump pump replaced by these guys. They couldn't reconnect it to the sewer line do to code which I understand. So their solution run the line out the front of the house...

Len the Plumber — plumbing services

A little over a month ago my father in law had contacted Len The Plumber to come to his home to replace a 55 year old toilet. The plumber told him it would cost over 1700.00 to...

Len the Plumberpoor quality, over price and poor customer service - never again!

ALERT!!! Jan 3, 2017. Poor quality service, over price and poor customer service. Recently, I contacted Len the Plumber due to a leaky faucet at my kitchen sink. I called to get a quote for faucet replacement and they just inform me that they will provide the pricing at the time of the visit. Since I was busy at work I told my husband to work with the plumber hoping this company is good and trustworthy. To replace a faucet with a new one to fix the leak the company charge us 325 dollars too much a faucet installation (labor only). I wish I went with Home Depot installation for only 125 dollars. I bought the faucet myself at home depot. Then we asked to check the water pressure of the house then next thing I know the tech suggested to my husband to replace the water pressure value even thought its not broken. He informed my husband that it should be replace because its old not because it's broken. That cost us another 475 dollars. As I arrived home later that afternoon same day, I noticed that faucet is too loose. My question was do Len the Plumber have quality assurance on their work? When I called the next day, the customer service was nasty and unprofessional, no sense of urgency to assist me as a customer. She told me that there's no manager to talk to and it will take 48 hours before they can get back to me. Now, I have a wiggly faucet on my kitchen and I have to wait 2 days before they can schedule to correct the problem. I spent almost 800 dollars for poor service. I will never use this company again. Better to call Jeeves or Rotor Rooter if you want good pricing and quality service. Never again!!!

Len the Plumber — backup not cleared

Back in September, Len the Plumber sent out a kid to clear my main line. So called kid plumber was cocky and didn't clear the line. He also messed up house by performing...

LenThePlumber, Lorton, VA — repair/replace main sewer pipe from street to house

611340 The replacement sewer line was installed at my sister's house in Alexandria, VA (Jean Plaskett at 204 W. Mt. Ida Avenue) in early July. The contractor dug several holes to install...


There was no investigation of my chronic leak. A patchwork job was done with only a partial placement of a overflow repair. Another company (CroppMetcalfe, which I equally don't recommend for not holding their appointments) said only the top was changed and not the bottom. They came back out to snake my drain only for the leak to be ongoing. I made a complaint about at least a refund for the overflow repair with no reply.

Len the Plumber — overpricing

Use these bozos only in a dire, repeat dire, emergency. I called and set up service only to find out the day of the service they are a cash on delivery service. Also got an absurd...

Len the Plumbernot even working for me they were bad and rude to me

Len the Plumber was hired by my opposite neighbor a week ago.
51 Overbrook Road in Catonsville. They worked there on Friday March3rd. When they were done, they left their excavator on my green area, in front of my house which is opposite the street from the house they worked. The huge creature sat there unattended, unmarked all weekend March 4th and 5th. See what it looks like. They came back on Monday March 6. They caused substantial damage in the grassy area in front of my house while removing the vehicle. I talked to the driver of the excavator - he said it was not him who left it there. I called the company - she was polite I explained that this needs to be remedied, she said she will let the management know. % days have passed, no fixing, no apology, nothin. See attached pictures. Disrespectful, destructive, unprofessional and rude.

not even working for me they were bad and rude to me
not even working for me they were bad and rude to me
not even working for me they were bad and rude to me
not even working for me they were bad and rude to me
not even working for me they were bad and rude to me
not even working for me they were bad and rude to me

Len the Plumber — plumbing

I had a leaking toilet tank and suspected that it might just be a loose nut, but was more concerned about quickly stopping the leak and preventing water intrusion, through the...

Len the Plumber — plumbing

My husband and I contracted Len the Plumber through the technician Tim Profili to replace a broken sewer line on Monday, January 25, 2016. We decided to hire his company's service...

Len the Plumbercomplaint/ dont work for these guys

Worse Company I ever worked for, they are all about sales, Please be aware that all the Techs are required to upsale there products that are overpriced, Instead of worrying about quality work I was routinely told once you get in people house sell, sell even if they dont need, sell it to them, they have there system set up so if you dont make sells you are not making any money so your pay check will reflect it and eventually you will be FIRED!!!, And you better keep your truck inventory right or they will hold your check and they dont tell you this when you about to get hired, , Again worse company thats why they have to keep advertising because they dont have customers

Len the Plumber — overcharges cystomers

Had a clogged toilet two days before thanksgiving. Called len the plumber and got an appointment for wednesday morning at 9:00 am. They called that morning and reported they were...

Len the Plumberscam

I contacted Len the plumber to disconnect a gas dryer. I asked three times for a quote but was assured the tech would be fair. After having to reschedule they still refused to provide me a quote for such a simple 5 minute job. They showed up late and attempted to scam me by charging $260!!! I let him have it for such shady practice. He claimed to go outside & talk to his supervisor & came back 15 minutes later with $160. I advised him I was in law enforcement and this was a scam & booted him out my home. Ten minutes later I contacted another plumber who immediately quoted me $120!!!' Stay away from Len the plumber. There are plenty of honest companies out there just stay away from Len

Len the Plumber — product and service scam

Len the Plumber checked my water heater and stated that it needed to be replaced at a cost of $1300. They gave me a high pressure sales pitch. I had a second plumber test the...

Len the Plumber — ridiculous pricing

I need to get the wax ring for my toilet replaced ($1.95 part cost at Home Depot). I called Len the Plumber and made an appointment. As money is tight I called back to get an...

Len the Plumberovercharge

On the day before Thanksgiving 2010, I had a water faucet that would not turn off. It was flowing continuously and I could not turn it off even below the sink. Called several plumbers and Len the Plumber said they would come late that afternoon. Their estimate was $356 to do a job that took a little over an hour. I felt like I had no choice unless I wanted my faucet to flow for 5 or more days. They took advantage of me by overcharging me close to double what it should have cost. MD Attorney General can do nothing because there is no consumer protection law to prevent overcharging by businesses in MD. So much for being in a progressive state. Len the Plumber is a ripoff company.

  • Ga
    gary1121 Jul 31, 2011

    I do not like Len the Plumber or there managers, Len is a good guy, When I see someone write crap like this I have to ask 1 or 2 questions, there was no overtime rate or holiday pay they came right out, You said you were DOUBLE CHARGED, 1ST QUESTION, COULD YOU FIX IT? NO, Who was the one that told you, you were over charged? another plumber, just to make you feel as though they would have charged half the price or to make you feel bad that you actually had someone come to your house in and emergency that had the knowledge to do what you couldn't do, then comes the assnine complaints, as I said I have worked there and do not like the co. But you sir, mam are and ### for even saying what you have said, I hope for you that something else breaks that you of course can not fix and you call the guy that told you you were double charged and he puts you through the ringer and takes every dime from you, maybe right before it is time for you to do christmas shopping and you won't be able to get your GI JOE because not only did the idot plumber tell you you were over charged but everytime he comes to you and jacks up the price on you, which i know once Len the plumber gives you a price that is the price no extras, and then the so called cheaper plumber is just that and when he walks out the door what ever he had to fix breaks and floods your home and he won't come back because he knowns he "F" ed up your house and took your money and never comes back then you will be thankful to call Len the Plumber you know the one that atleast backs up his work with a warranty, and has no problem having someone come out on a holiday day or night, you are the reason why most companies hate to knock on doors like you weasals just trying to put crap out about a co, that obvious did the work right, but you and your dumb self are just trying to screw them over and get your money back and still have your work professionally done, , , , what an ### you are, It's a shame the companies don't get to share our stories about idot customers like you,

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  • Ja
    James A Howard Oct 26, 2011

    Sadly, this is typical in MD. We have lived here for 11 years and the difference between MD and Northern VA is night and will pay 3-4 times more in MD for the same service. There is no competition, they all have the same (over)price schedule. Not sure why that is.

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Len the Plumber — &etimate&

This company charges for an "estimate" which takes less than 5 minutes and the recommendation was for me to pay them $170 to knock holes in my wall so they could "get a better...

Len the Plumber — terrible price and unsatisfactory workmanship

For not quite a year now, I have complained to Chad at Len the Plumber about a plumping job that cost close to nine hundred dollars. I will ALWAYS regret the day I trusted thi...

Len the Plumber — unfair pricing

Plumber called to home for service in master bath. Was given lengthy description of what it would entail to fix the problem. It sounded difficult and would take at least a couple...