LAZ Parkingcustomer service

T Nov 11, 2019

I'm a monthly parker and parking is paid every month. I was out of the office for several weeks and during that time they changed systems that require a different pass to get in and out. I went to the garage today and no one there to exchange passes. Called the operator, she took all my information, and then turned rude (super passive aggressive) stating that I would have to pay the daily, and if I didn't have my pass I would have to pay the max. After a lengthy exchange she said I would have to pay. I told her that I don't have any money (left my card at home) and she did not care. You will have to secure payment before leaving. She has my name, my pass number, but she would not let me out. I even asked for her to call security and she wouln't. Then pretty much hung up on me. So I had to back my car up hitting a curb. Luckily I had my company card which I wasn't sure if I should use. Just crazy bad, not putting a "known" customer first.

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