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Lawn Doctor review: bad service and rude cusotomer care

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Last year I hired the local lawn care service known as “Lawn Doctor”. They told me that they will treat my lawn in a total of 6 services. They also explained that there will be a change after the second service. Now it has been approximately one year and all the services have been applied and there has been absolutely no change at all. When I called them to complain, the employee/owner told me that their owner had recently changed and they can’t help us. After I called again the next day to customer service, the same man told me, “This is not a hamburger that we can refund; if you call me again I will call the police”. The service was terrible and they would only spend about ten minutes to treat my lawn every service. I was appalled after talking to them over the phone. The fact that I spent $432.10 on this lawn service only to receive rude and disrespectful service in return disgusts me.


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Oct 16, 2014 11:10 am EDT
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I am the owner of this franchise. When I first met with this customer "David", I spent a long time with him going over his property. I explained to him that his soil was compacted and would/should be aerated because the property had been neglected and the soil was compacted (hard as a rock). I explained to him that when soil is very compacted that water runs off instead of to the roots. I went on to explain that I was not giving him a sales pitch for my doing this service but only emphasizing it's importance. I was advised that he could not do this type of work because of a heart condition but that he would check with his landscaper for pricing and would get back to me if he was interested in my doing it for him.

On May 3 we provided the first service and on June 17 we provided the second service. The customer never paid for either service and once the account was 90 days delinquent we suspended services. This customer never contacted us again (multiple late notices and suspension of services were sent).

On 9/26 David called and reported that he had been away for the summer and when he came back his lawn was completely burnt-out. He further stated that if we did not repair his lawn for free that he would use his position as a lawyer to make my life miserable by suing me. Then he went on to say that he was in the process of trying to sell the house and that he would hold me fiscally responsible for his being unable to do so. I explained that we suspended the account when he did not pay. I also explained that as far as I know (up until 6/17) the lawn was never aerated. When I questioned him about his watering he stated that he was away for the summer and did not have irrigation. I explained that a hot dry summer with compacted soil and no supplemental watering is what caused his problem (duh). I even asked him if he would continue to provide legal services to one of his clients that did not pay.

As a gesture of good faith I advised David that I would come back and provide an aeration over-seed service at a 60% discount if he paid his outstanding balance. This offer was unacceptable to him because he would have to water the seed and said he was unable to drag a hose because of his heart condition. David was only going to be happy if I laid down sod on his property for free. At this point I told David that I would not be returning to his property and that if he did not pay what he owed I would forward his account to a collection agency. This account has been paid off since October 3, 2013.

I still don't understand what we did wrong. Who else would continue to service a very delinquent account? I service over 1000 accounts in this area and pride myself on the level of service we provide. I am very customer oriented and a good amount of my business is from referrals. However, this guy, contrary to what he stated never sent me a single referral. Good luck with the piece of rock in your yard (it really is a piece of rock and needs to be aerated)

Nov 01, 2013 3:47 pm EDT
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This company resorts to threats and intimidation when someone speaks up. They do not care about being customer oriented or giving people the benefit of the doubt. When I complained about the grass being really ugly, they said they would come re seed it if I paid the balance owed, but I did not trust them, and I told them I needed that settled. Now they are calling me and threatening me on the phone and trying to intimidate me, and I also received an email which is simply disgusting coming from the president himself, and accusing me of not watering my grass instead of accepting the fact that their product has failed. I have referred 5 different families to them and never asked for the "$25" referral credit, and just because things happened, and I simply couldn't pay my dues, apart from the fact that I really did not get anything from what they promised me since I have a yard full of weed, and no grass, I received an email threatening me with a law suit and wage garnishment, and a judgement on my credit report. Seriously? I am going to make it my mission to make sure that they have no new customers at all at least not in my area. They are the worst company to deal with, and I would rather have a piece of rock in my yard, than having to deal with such low people!

Jan 27, 2012 11:40 am EST
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I am the owner of this franchise in question. I advised the property owner when she called and demanded a refund for the 2010 season that we had aquired an abandoned territory in her area and had never performed a service to her lawn nor did we ever receive any money from her. I explained that we were new owners and that we would be happy to work with her to achieve the results she was looking for on her lawn. She proceeded to advise us on continuous occasions that she wanted a refund and would not stop until she received it. This individual was very rude to my office staff and myself. We never entered into a business relationship with this individual and have been harassed by he for the past year.


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