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M Oct 26, 2019

Booking reference: [protected]
I've booked a all inclusive holiday with
The airline changed my return flight and I've been trying to explain to for the last 2 months that I've don't have time to take my connection flight from Zurich to London City, as I was arriving at Zurich at 7.25pm and the flight to London was at 7.00pm.
All my holiday I was on the phone with and they assure me that this problem will be sort it out. I demanded to speak with the manager and they said that he will phone back which never happened. On my last call they said that I need to sort it out myself with the airline which I believe it's wrong as I paid a lot of money also I paid for them to issue my ticket. Till this moment I don't have my tickets for tomorrow and all of us are insecure about what will happen tomorrow.
I was phoning the airline Swiss and they confirm to me that they don't have any available flight for us tomorrow to London from Zurich and me and my husband will miss work on Monday, that means less money for our salaries, my daughter will miss school and my other daughter will miss Nuresry which I paid for it.
Do you think you can help us in this matter?

Best Regards,
Mirabela Gabriela Maftei

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