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Complaints & Reviews

follow up

First and foremost anyone that leaves negative comments about any company or medical facility should be...

lied about lawsuits

I attended one of their seminars and was given the impression they'd never been sued. However, they are named in lawsuits all over the Internet. There's an entire article in a major magazine dedicated to their lawsuits. They also gave the impression that one surgery could fix your horrible pain, but I've talked to patients and seen on the internet that you might need a whole bunch of procedures, but they won't tell you until after you're hooked. This company did not represent itself or its procedures fairly in its "educational seminar." And check out to see what its employees say about the company! Selling procedures. Shameless.

  • Jo
    john scot Jan 19, 2013

    A friend of mine had a procedure performed at the Laser Spine Institute in Tampa. It was nothing short of a total disaster. She was given false and misleading information prior to her visit, that being that she was a candidate for Laser Spine Surgery. Upon her arrival, she was then told that the doctors had not at that time reviewed her information and she may possibly not be a candidate. Confusing, conflicting and contradictory. In fact, they had tried to charge her more than double her out of pocket expenses than she had been initially quoted. Upon returning home, she had complications and became worse. There was no follow up by the Laser Spine Institute and they did not return phone calls when she was requesting their help. I have never in my life have known of a business to treat their clients so poorly, and would not recommend them to anyone due to their misinformation, lack of follow-up and total lack of care and concern for their patients. I have only written a very brief overview of the events and occurrences that my friend encountered.

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  • Me
    Mechman2011 Jun 14, 2015

    I was also taken in by their lies, they "operated" on me and now I'm worse than ever.
    When they called to "follow up", they would never let me talk with my doctor or anyone with medical training, then a year later I get a bill for three thousand more dollars.
    I had paid up front over 29, 000.00. My insurance apparently refused to pay them, so now I "owe" them the amount they billed the Insuance.
    If anyone knows a GOOD malpractice lawyer Please contact me. I got a follow up MRI and not only did they NOT do what they said they would do, I now have a cyst on my spine where they " operated" on me.DONT GO TO THEM I went to the Tampa FL. Location and had "Dr. Z", he "worked" on me (he was on their commercials) and now I can barley walk at all. With a wife and child to support at the age of 40 I'm now looking at total disability. Thank you so much for taking all our money, putting me in more pain than ever and ruining my life.

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poor results

Had their so called operation Nov 07. Worst experience of my life. They lied about what my ins would reimburse and cost me 26k out of pocket. The operation was a complete failure. Seemed to help for a while until their steriods and pain medicine wore off. Found a law firm that is willing to take cases on a contigent fee. The firm is Kline & Specter. Phone # is [protected] or you can go to their website. They specialize in personal injury and have several offices. They reference the recent Bloomberg story and seem anxious to help.

great company

I think you must be a shill for LSI. I had their so called operation Nov 07. What a nightmare. Took 30k out of my retirement and told them that I could not afford to lose it. They then told me not to worry my ins would pay everything. After over two years of fighting with ins received only 6k. LSI basically told me tough luck they would not refund anything even after their assurance. There are stories all over the internet like mine. What a scam. The operation was a complete failure had to be put on SSI disability shortly after their operation. They had assured me that I would be back on the golf course in two weeks. They will literally tell you anything to get your money. If you do your homework and review this and the other sites concerning all of the complaints you will understand how they operate. They have shills on all of the sites. Shame on them. I could go on and on about them but will leave it at this. Please do your homework and don't into buy this scam. If something sounds too good to be true it is. I know how it is to be desperate for relief and then be taken.

  • Hu
    hurtinunit Aug 02, 2012

    My aunt had laser spine surgery at the Fl LSI location in 2008 and she has referred me to them, she told me she had instant relief. I haven't slept more than 2 hours at a time in 2 weeks from a herniated disc. She told me about her long term pain prior to the surgery and that hers was a total success. I don't want to make a decision regarding my spine based on sleep deprived pain induced desperation but it must work for some people, I wonder if it is certain procedures have a greater success rate? I'm sorry to every one who had troubles. I also know that this type of site not only pads their own good reviews but also can be stricken with competeting industry persons making bogus negative comments as well. All I know is one person who I know and trust referred me because she had success. Other than that, I don't know what to believe...

    -1 Votes
  • Wi
    wilie Aug 29, 2012

    Does anyone really believe that someone who had successful surgery would go to a complaints site to post their comments. The positive comments on these sites are obviously by the many LSI shills on their payroll. Please do your homework and don't let these quacks rape you like they did me and so many others.

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  • Mb
    MBREW88 Jan 24, 2013

    I am not from LSI, I am a military wife and mother of 2. I recently had surgery with LSI in OKC. And my experience was amazing.. I did my homework. I did the surgery and I feel great. I had my surgery on December 21st. 2012 I also had a complication and ended up with a second surgery on Jan 2. 2013 but even with that complication that had me in the hospital for 5 days I still think LSI is great.

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  • He
    Herbo Feb 09, 2013

    It does seem odd that people who had great surgery outcomes would troll complaint sites to defend Laser Spine Institute. If LSI paying people to troll the internet and misrepresent outcomes and falsely defend LSI, then SOMETHING is very twisted. A real hospital doesn't act this way.

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  • No
    Not sure now Feb 27, 2013

    I was thinking about going to LSI, but decided to see if there were complaints. Ok...I do wonder why there would be anyone going to a complaint site if they were happy.

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  • Dh
    D/H Mar 23, 2014

    I scheduled my procedure this week but after reading all these complaints I am having second thoughts. My husband says he would hate to see me in worse shape then I am and have been for over 12 yrs. now. Any procedures other doctors want to do my insurance company will not pay for but LSI procedures they will. Can anyone tell me why this is? I have young children at home, I need to function in order to raise my kids. I don't know what to do now after reading all these and other sites complaints. I thought I did my research. I am scared to death now that I am going to wind up worse off them I am but desperate to get relief and get off these high doses of pain meds. Help!!!

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back surgery

I originally had surgery for spinal stenosis in 2009. After surgery I experienced more pain than before. It...

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insurance billing, and no relief from pain

I've been a back pain sufferer for over 25 years with increased pain in the legs. I had tried everything...

dr. stephen david watson

If you've ever thought about having laser spine surgery, please research all your options very carefully...


I went to the Phoenix facility in hopes of some relief by thermal ablasion. I checked in on Monday as directed. They waited until the morning of my procedure (Thur) to perform a nerve block, not the two days prior as they should have. They did a block at L4, that was in-sufficient for the proper diagnoses. It should have been L3, L4 & L5. I returned home after being denied treatment (which turned out to be a blessing) and go proper diagnosis from UCSD of CA. They performed a thermal ablasion bi-latterly at L3-L5 with great success. AND IT WAS COVERED BY INSURANCE co-pay only, not thousands of dollars!!! They are innept and not worth the effort. I now have proof of what did work and what LSI didn't do. No way around the physical proof. When you cause people with emotional issues related to pain and give them false hope, you are negligent as a healthcare provider.

  • Wi
    wilie Mar 11, 2012

    I had their so called surgery in Nov 07. Total nightmare. Not only was the surgery a complete failure but had to put up 30k and was assured that I would be fully reimbursed. After over two years of fighting with ins co received only 6k. LSI refused to reimburse anything even after their assurance. Hard to believe that a co like this is allowed to continue. I could go on and about my experience but will leave it at this. Please take my advice and stay away from this place all of the complaints on this site and many other sites aren't there for no reason. Also might want to go to the bloomberg news site and read their story on them.

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  • Un
    unenlightened Jun 04, 2012

    Stay away from Laser Spine Institute

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  • Ma
    Maria L Stremmel Oct 20, 2012

    They did pretty much the same thing to me just last wk. I booked a rm at doubletree on Aug 14, 2012 for 2 days. During that time an MRI was performed and several sets of
    X-rays I brought with me were reviewed. It was determined at this time 2 surgeries would be performed, cervical and lumbar. My insurance was to cover all but $1000. I was told to book a rm at doubletree for
    10 days, Oct 9-19, 2012. I did that. The rm was pre-paid and non refundable. I got there, they got an EMG on day 2 which made the sx that had been scheduled on day 3(Thurs) needed to be moved to Monday. On day 3(Thurs) I was told sorry we can't help u. The Dr was rude, obnoxious, condescending, unprofessional and appeared inept. I informed the pt rep I had done just what I was told and booked the room when and where they requested but was unable to get any of my hotel costs refunded. I was informed that was my problem and I knew the risks when I came for the evaluation. Nowhere in the new patient packet does it state I may at anytime during the 3 day "preop" period be deemed not a good candidate. After 5 days of getting jerked around, yrs of severe chronic pain and almost $1000 cost for nothing, I am now going to go to REAL neurosurgeons next week for real pt care not greed and misrepresentation.

    2 Votes
  • Ra
    Raiderwin1 Feb 01, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I did send my MRI to LSI for a free review & asked to speak to a doctor to see if I was a good candidate. Instead of speaking to a doctor the receptionist put through to some sales guy. He said I was a good candidate w/o even looking at the MRI( WOW).

    After this I decided to more research on LSI because a potential patient should not be talking to a sales guy about a serious medical procedure.

    I did an intense backround check on LSI and decided not to be treated by them after reading all the negative comments on the net. Plus I also found too many lawsuits against them on the internet which turned totally me off. In all fairnness to LSI I did find some comments that were positive but the negatives far outweighed the positives. I eventually found a great doctor close to home here in California and had my surgery done w/ no complications.

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overcharge / underservice

I was a chronic pain sufferer (neck pain) and traveled from Texas to Tampa in March 2009 for surgery at LSI. The treatment I received was less than acceptable and the only thing I gained was debt for having this surgery. I had to take $15, 000 out of my (early retirement) because I am only 40!! I learned later that the healthcare services could have been performed for a fraction of the cost that LSI charged, in my local hometown! Their surgery did NOTHING to improve my condition and I left with the same pain, I entered their facility with. My surgeon didn't even have the bedside manner or a minute to come and speak with my Mom after my surgery, as she requested. LSI wanted payment in full BEFORE the surgery ($15k) then, overbilled my insurance with inflated prices that exceeded reasonable and customary charges. In my own personal opinion, LSI doesn't care about their patients. They only care about making money and growing their bottom line. Thank God, I am nearly pain free now with a new product that I found. I no longer have to take prescription pain medications and have had 2 major neck surgeries. Alice [protected] [protected]

  • Wi
    wilie Mar 11, 2012

    To Alice in Texas I also had their so called surgery in Nov 07. My experience was very similar to yours except that I had to put up 30k and was assured that ins would completely reimburse. After over two years of fighting only received about 6k. My operation was also a complete failure except to pad their pocketbook. Hard to believe a co like this is allowed to take advantage of people so desperate for help.

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  • Ge
    GeoNOregon May 13, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I tried your email address, but it didn't work. I'd like to talk with you. I have advanced cervical stenosis, and was wondering what is causing your neck problems, and what kind of success you've had with surgery. If you read this, please up date your email address so we can talk. I'll check back now and then..

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  • Un
    unenlightened Jun 04, 2012

    Alice, my surgery was a completed failure and I now have new, unbearable pains. There is no reason for the kind of negligent care that LSI provides.

    0 Votes
  • Jy
    jy3 Feb 19, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    trying to get in touch with GeoNOregon about pcg. How did you do a qwr if they say I only have an internal number, no acct number?I'm in foreclosure & chap 13. how do I fight them?

    0 Votes

careful! scam!

Be VERY Careful. First find out if this is the standard of care for treatment of your condition. Look up...


Am now worse than before the surgery---took $30, 000 and ran (insurance did not cover)---no follow up, nothing ---still fighting to get an answer and I now have developed severe sciatica which i never had before. Long story but DO NOT DO IT. Find a real doctor.

  • Ka
    KAAlbury Jul 06, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Can you reveal your issue with your back? My husband is looking to LSI for help with spinal stenosis, but I sure as heck don't want him worse when he exits the hospital!

    0 Votes

lawsuit filed in florida


no morals

I have been in the medical field for well over 17 years, and this is the first company I have ever worked for...

lsi treats their employees like garbage

I worked for Laser Spine Institute in Scottsdale, AZ. I held a very important and pivotal position within the...

you are just a dollar sign

I have read many complaints about Laser Spine Institute all over the internet and agree with all the variou...

buyer beware

Around March of 2006 I developed a Herniated Disc at the level L5--S1 causeing pain from my low back though...

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